Thursday, April 18, 2019

Despair to hope: Testimony of Ms. Kamarun Nisha

Scholarship for education helped to stop child marriage and bring hope for girls
   Thanks to Rajdulari Foundation, Ms. Parul Sharma ji and 200 Swedish Donors for support to Ms. Kamarun Nisha. Please find her testimony:

My name is Kamarun Nisha. I live in Parmangdapur village in Arjiline Block of Varanasi in India. My father collects junks/scraps. We are four sisters and two brothers. My mother sells bangles for the expenses of family. After graduating the government school from 1 to 8 we four sisters and two brothers needed money for the further studies. But the earning of my father was not enough. My brother is working and continuing his studies one more year after class 8. Our studies were stopped due to the poor economic situation of our family. After that I met Sobina, a girl from  the village and I got to know about  PVCHR and I got scholarship from grade 9,from which I got to study second year of B.A now. If I get the scholarship for further studies I would study more. I am feeling really happy that I have been studying through the help of PVCHR and Rajdulari Foundation. If I had not got this scholarship I couldn’t have studied by my own and my parents would have forced me to get married.   
I had left the school after grade 8  and my parents  wanted me to get married but I wanted to study, due to the lack of money I wasn’t  able to study further more. I knew about PVCHR from my friend then I told to my parents that if they will force me to marry  then I would run away. This scholarship helped me from child marriage and brings hope for higher education. After study, I want to become teacher and social worker.
Link of her testimony:

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