Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Meet The Activist Who Is Fighting Deep-Rooted Caste Discrimination At The Grassroots

"All my brothers and sisters were named after prominent Marxist leaders by my father. Though he was a leftist, he was deeply religious. Meanwhile, my grandfather, a Gandhian, was an atheist. An egalitarian, he had a good grasp of grassroots politics. I grew up with my grandparents in Bombay. Our home felt the turbulence of ideologies. These shaped me. Other influences on me were the ideologies of Gautam #Buddha, #Kabir, Dr BR #Ambedkar, Mahatma #Gandhi and Swami #Agnivesh. Though a left-liberal ideologist, engaged with the politics of the marginal (Dalits and minorities), I am a firm believer in non-violence." says Lenin Raghuvanshi

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