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Uttar Pradesh:Voice of voiceless torture victim

Uttar Pradesh:Voice of voiceless torture victim

Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi 18/7/2008 11:12:17 AM(IST)

Victim Jaswant Kumar Son of Rampati is inhabitant of plot No- 218, Nai Basti, Lahartara, Police Station- Manduadih, Varanasi is a Hindu and belongs to schedule caste community. He is 30 years old, his wife’s name is Mrs. Indu Devi, his younger brother’s name is Mr. Virendra Kumar, and his younger brother wife’s name is Mrs.Usha Gautam. Jaswant’s has two children’s Ravikant (8) and Rahul (5). From last 6 years Jaswant’s entire family member are combinely doing business of computer under banner of M.J.V Computers.

On 15.04.04 Banwari Lal S/O Puttan Ram inhabitant of D65/24 Lahartara. Banwari with involvement of many other people illegally entered in Jaswant’s house and trying to burn and loot the entire things which were present in the house. Then Jaswant’s wife was lodged FIR against Banwari and other at P.S Manduadeeh under section 103/04, IPC 143, 447, 448, 323, 504, 342, 452, 427, 339. On same day her case was registered and perpetrators were sent to jail. Banwari Lal released on bail.

On 09.01.07 Banwari Lal and others second time illegally entered in Jaswant’s house and badly beat to Jaswant and his family members. Jaswant informed to P.S Manduadeeh but his FIR was not registered, there after on 08.03.07 court ordered that under section 156(3) CrPc, his F.I.R should be registered.

On 08.03.07 Court ordered to police station to lodge FIR however police station did contempt of court and FIR was lodge after three month from the date of order i.e. on 15.06.08, under case crime number 225/07, IPC 323,452,325,504.

There after on 24.08.07 S.O and S.I of P.S Manduadih planned a conspiracy against Jaswant and his family members, they registered a fake FIR against Jaswant and his family members at P.S Manduadih under crime section 329/07 IPC 420,467,468,471. Jaswant took the evidence about his blamelessness to prove that he is innocent.

Mean while Jaswant, his wife Indu, younger brother Virendra and younger son Rahul was in Allahabad district. They get telephonic information that Banwari Lal registered a fake case against him and his family members. Yet Jaswant’s father was illegally detained by S.I Rajendra Prasad prosecuted and sent to jail.

When Jaswant knows about his FIR, then Jaswant’s, wife and his brother filed appeal in Allahabad court for interim relief of stay order.

On 20.09.07 with the help of Jaswant’s relatives his father got bail and on 21.09.07 he came back to his home.

That time Jaswant, his wife Indu, brother Virendra and younger son Rahul were living at Allahabad then on dated 03.10.07 S.I Rajendra Prasad again came in Jaswant’s house and abused his father Rampati Ram and told that immediately called to your son otherwise he will finish your entire family and land.

After pressure of S.I Rajendra Prasad Jaswant’s father firstly sent Virendra wife’s to his paternal house and requested to his neighbor Bhanu Prakash’s wife Mrs. Bela Devi to take care of his house, shop as well also gave responsibility of Jaswant’s elder son Ravikant and went to Allahabad.

Jaswant father went to Allahabad district in that time Jaswant'''s family were busy and trying to receive Stay Order in Allahabad High Court. They filed Writ Petition at Allahabad High Court when case date was finalized then they came back to Varanasi.

On 17.10.07 when Jaswant’s father reached to his home then he saw that with the help of S.I Rajendra Prasad his house and ferm were illegally possession by Bela Devi, Banwari Lal and many others people.

When Jaswant’s father asked his neighbor Mrs. Bela Devi about his grandson “Ravikant” then she told that when S.I Rajendra Prasad illegally possessed your home then she gave your Grandson to Banwari Lal and he took Ravikant with him. Jaswant father gave his this information to Jaswant through phone.

In between Jaswant’s father informed to SO Manduadih, and C.O Bhelupur about the kidnapping of his grandson (Ravikant) as well as illegally possession of his ferm and house, but police had not been taken any type of action. Jaswant’s father sent an application to Inspector General of Police (Varanasi Zone), Varanasi.

On 01.11.07 Allahabad High Court gave stay order under crime number 329/07 to Jaswant and he return to Varanasi. Jaswant continuously sent application to many higher authorities.

On 22.11.07 I.G Zone directed to P.S Manduadih to lodged FIR about illegally possession to Jaswant’s house, ferm as well as kidnapping of his son (Ravikant) also.

Until and unless Jaswant’s family has not been received any type of relief and his son is also not found. No action taken by any police personnel’s or any higher authorities. This show the negligence of higher authorities and Jaswant’s family is in living their life fear of police and influenced people.

Banwari Lal is a B.S.P leader and Uttar Pradesh present Government is also B.S.P. Jaswant sent a lot of RTI and letters about the progress of his case and asking several questions to higher relevant authorities.

In present time this case is highlighted by electronic media (ETV) in wee Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati directly intervened this case and demands investigation report of Jaswant case from Home Ministry Uttar Pradesh.

Jaswant's case is one of the selected cases of Peoples Tribunal in Uttar Pradesh under EU-FNSt-PW NPPT project and advocated by PVCHR by testimony and honoring of victim with collaboration of RCT.

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