Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Link between Right to food and Local governance

A lot of work has been done and is been done to avoid hunger and starvation, but Right to food is still a distant dream for socially marginalized communities in India. At this point of time, we have to introspect the whole activities and find out the way for considerable change. The imminent question stands before us that how to over come of this problem? As we all know that India Government has done much by introducing 73rd constitutional amendment to strengthen the local self governance (Panchayat System) and by this way to ensure the active participation of weaker sections of society at village level in form participatory democracy. Even though policy of reservation in panchyats has sparkled some hope of rays among marginalized and definitely they have got benefited out of that but still a long way we have to go to ensure full and true participation of weaker sections of society in all walks of life and to control the affairs of welfare schemes run by Government.

For this we must have to understand that the extremely centralized and obscure bureaucracy is nothing but the natural out come of caste based divisions of the society and the reflection of interest of privileged class over the matters and resources of state and this the root cause of all sorts of corruption at that level in social and political life of the country.

To develop people's resistance against caste and gender discriminations and to fight the widespread and deep rooted corruption out there is no way out other than to mobilize the people by the means of participatory activism and building of community based organizations through the fellowship program.

To go further in this direction it needs comprehensive and comparative study of different organizations in different countries fighting against the corruption and other social evils to establish the rule of law. In this context, specifically there is need of understanding of genesis and functioning of Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) based in Hong Kong. We want to learn from the experience of ICAC and to start the people's campaign and people's advocacy to establish this kind of independent agency within the country.

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