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Madhya Pradesh: Fight against corruption

Madhya Pradesh: Fight against corruption

Shabana Khan 5/8/2008 3:22:28 PM(IST)

Morena (Madhya Pradesh): Kok Singh Tomar Madhya Pradesh State Convener of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights with his colleagues Kripal Singh, Parmer and Sri Jaskaran Singh Sikarwar and Sonu Verma is on hunger strike from 28th July, 2008 in district head quarter/collectrate premise, owing to violation of human rights in Madhya Pradesh.

Kok Singh Tomar gave demand letter to Governor of Madhya Pradesh through collector of Morena – for finalization of the issues of Morena within 15 days which are pending in State Information Commission under Right to Information Act 2005. The order given in RTI should be implemented with immediate effect.

Investigate and punish the culprit officers who are involved in corruption in education department and distribution of cycle. Owing to the corruption many student namely Krishna Sharma and Arti are marginalized from getting cycle. To stop the annoyance of the public done by Red Cross society as big – big officer are involved in corruption of lakhs of Rupees.

To finalize the complaint against Red Cross which is pending since long time? In the name of Red Cross they are taking 10,000/ 5000 /2,500 Rupees for Gun license. They give receipt of Red Cross and immediately destroy the proof after submitting money. Same corruption is faced in medical license and other important administrative work. People are not willing to pay money and publish the budget of Red Cross society to save its self-esteem.

The survey of child labour should be done by an independent organization of Madhya Pradesh. Children between 8 to 14 years should not be employed in hazardous work. The tribal are dominated in Chambal region of Gwalior and they are living in nastiest condition. The enumeration of tribal should be done by administration. Participation of society should be considered. To include member People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights in the fair investigation of harassment done with students in schedule tribal hostel in Morena district.

The investigation of prison should be done by member of the investigation committee as the prisons of the entire district are living in the nastiest condition. Culprit officer should be punished.

The smooth functioning of mid day meal as several school of Morena district are not providing this facility in there school. The proper drainage systems of Mahaveer Pura ward no. 16 of Morena district. Earlier on 13th October, 2007 Mr. Kok Singh Tomar with his colleagues did hunger strike and the assurance of administration should be immediately done without any interruption.

To demonstrate the guideline given by honorable Supreme Court for custody, interrogation and detention in each prison of Morena district, the guideline was sent to state secretary and Director General of Police. ADM of district headquarter Mr. Upendra Nath Sharma should be immediately transferred; he tried to defame and ragged people. Mr. Upendra Nath Sharma did not receive the application of needy people. However transfer of Mr. Upendra Nath should be done.

On 29th July, 2008 hunger strike finish on the District Magistrate Morena for immediate solution of their problem. ADM Upendra Nath Sharma serve juice to Kripal Singh, Parmer and Sri Jaskaran Singh Sikarwar.

1. What date did the human right defender give his demand letter to the Governor of Madhya Pradesh? On 29th July, 2008.

2. Could you please provide us with (1) the FIR numbers [if they sent a letter to the government, please let us have that information too], (2) dates of filing or sending, (3) the accused, (4) and the victims for the cases you list? Also, a few details for each case, and how they are progressing, would be very helpful. No FIR is being lodge.

3. Could you also please provide a little more information on Mr. Tomar''s past hunger strike? What was he protesting, and were his demands met? On 13th October, 2007 Kok Singh Tomar with state incharge of PVCHR Mr. Narayen Bandel was on hunger strike till death at Morena district head quarterbecause they tried a lot to activate and sensitize the districr administration on this issue. However they did not take any fair intiative on aforesaid Act.

Children of the age 6 to 14 are bound to work for their bread on the place of getting education and other child rights.. He informed same through fax to Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh and District Judge Morena.

On 18th October, 2007 PVCHR sent letter to National Human Rights Commission, District Magistrate Morena and state Human Rights Commission Madhya Pradesh.

Assistant Director Law in case no. 1855/12/29/07-08/UC sent notice to Chief Secretary Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal calling for a report within six weeks.

Now therefore take notice and you are required to submit the requisite information/report within 1 week from the date of receipt of this notice.

Take further notice that in default the commission may proceed to take such action as it deems proper.

Give under my hand and seal of the commission, this the day of 31st October, 2007.

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