Thursday, January 18, 2018

Narrative Reconciliation as Rights Based Peace

Narrative #Reconciliation as Rights Based Peaced
Praxis: Custodial Torture, Testimonial Therapy, and Overcoming Marginalization
Jeremy Rinker
This paper looks at how marginalized communities utilize discursive practices to contest against an unresponsive state malfeasance and hegemonic bureaucracy to ensure basic rights and state services for the marginalized. Focusing on the People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights (#PVCHR), a member based human rights movement in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,the paper aims to tell the unique story of PVCHR’s work to combat custodial #torture through an innovative method called “testimonial therapy.” The testimonial therapy process is aimed at producing both legal testimony and cathartic release of suffering among torture survivors. In underscoring the importance of attention to narrative practices, the paper, while not overlooking narrative’s risks, focuses on the practical opportunities that narrative practices create for peace-builders.

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