Saturday, March 04, 2006

Story of Prem Nut

Name - Prem Kumar
Father’s name - Sri Mahngu Ram Nut
Mother’s Name - Smt. Shanti Devi
Date of Birth - 14.September, 1986
Birth Place - Belwa (Village)
Family Status - A simple and poor Nut family

Life style of Prem -

His father was a labour. He worked at Thakur and Bramhin’s family to bathed the cows and milking. His grand father begged door to door and collect the grain to sang ‘Alha’ (a kind of traditional song) and then the family took food. They did not live permanently in one place, they always wandering here and there. His father told him that once when he saw his age groups boys to go to school, he was too much inspire to go to school. Then his grand father said him to go to school. His father began to go to school. In the school he saw that there were spread all around cast discrimination. His father’s friend Lalchand Kannojia studied with him. Anyhow to beg he completed his study in class third. He was very eager to read but in spite of poor and economy condition not to allow him read. His grandfather was only earning man in the family. His uncle was a drug aided so his father’s marriage arranged in early in the sort age. But the result of this marriage was that he had no work. He went out in the morning and came to house late in the night to collect 1 or 2 Kg. Grains. His wife forced him to go out side of village to work. At last his father went to Calcutta. His grand father was died. The condition of family was very bad. They had no food, no clothes to wear. Some one suggested to his mother to sell bangles. She started to sell bangles. His father came to earn some money and after some time he got a job of labour in the rice mill in Bhadohi. He sent his sons to school. His sister got education at class five, elder and younger brother at class ten. Both were fail in class 10th. He was also fail in class 10th by misfortune. But he urged his father to continue his education and his father agreed. He passed next year 10th with second division. His marriage arranged on class 9th. His mother had been suffering from appendix. Near about Rs. 2000/ spent on her illness and medicine. His father’s friend borrowed him Rs. 4000/. He remembered his bad days when there was no one there and they had only bread to eat and his mother ate ‘Khichari’ since three months when he completed his 12th class. He began to work at Hotel ‘Pradeep’ as house keeping and got Rs. 900/ monthly and also worked as compounder to earn Rs. 300/. He had a dream to become a doctor but lack of money he left his dream. Now present time he worked in PVCHR and he was very happy and feel very proud to join this organization which lift up the ‘Dalits’, ‘Nuts’ and ‘Musahar’.