Thursday, March 24, 2016

Invitation: as an active guest in the “ National level interface on the 5 years grass root implementation of Right to Education Act (RTE)”

 Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from PVCHR and Caritas India.

Development of any society, state or country depends upon the education policy adopted by it and the most important role is  played by Primary education. This is very appreciable that in last few years’ major steps has been taken by you for better implementation of primary education and it will continue in future. In this regard I would like to make you aware that in past few years Caritas India is working with under privileged community and schedule caste of the state on issues like Right to Education and Child Rights. In, addition to this People vigilance committee on human rights (PVCHR) is working rigorously in   Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand on the issues of Human Rights and Child Rights from last few years. The Organization is also providing training and support to different organization in 17 states of the country on the issue of Human Rights and Child Rights.

To add innovative ideas and how to improve the quality education of the commendable work done by the Government of Bihar, Caritas India has taken efforts on collecting primary data from the field based on Right to Education of primary education. An Affirmative report is an outcome, which will be shared with the policy makers of State government with a positive attitude to support the progress work taken by the government in the direction of Right to Education.  Similarly, by implementing Right to Education Act 2009 strongly at grass root level it will also be an example for the other states.

In this regard Caritas India and peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights cordially invite you to participate as an active guest in the “ National level interface on the 5 years grass root implementation of Right to Education Act (RTE)” 

Place: Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi
Date: 29th March, 2016
Time: 10 am to 2 Pm

Looking forward for your kind participation

With regards

Lenin Raghuvanshi     
Executive Director
Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights

Girish Peter
Zonal Manager
Caritas India              

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Monday, March 14, 2016

A step against impunity of Jharkhand Government

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Delhi: activists and intellectuals slam environmentally unfriendly Hindu festival

The PVCHR director has no kind words for the controversial guru. In the past, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar championed the "privatisation of all government schools", thus promoting the Hindu caste-based structure, which would deny Dalits and tribals their right to an education.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

PVCHR ( Peoples' Vigilance Committee for Human rights) - Changemakers

PVCHR ( Peoples' Vigilance Committee for Human rights) - Changemakers: By forming an inclusive coalition of supporters of local campaigns against caste injustice, Dr. Lenin helps citizen organizations diagnose and treat the caste origins of social conflict.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Invitation:Jan Mitra Award to Mr. Sradhanand Sital

The Jan Mitra award recognizes his dedication and service to the society over the past few decades Mr. Sradhanand Sital has served as a chairman of GHRD a leading NGO based out of Netherlands in the Northern Europe.

GHRD has been relentlessly working for establishing firm Human Rights across the Globe under the able guidance of Mr. Sital.
His work for the marginalized community in the South Asian countries, especially in the Indian sub-continent has earned him a lot of recognition. Mr. Sital is a proud recipient of Surya Datta National Award in 2012.

In recognition of his incredible work for rights of minority, strengthening of pluralistic society and uncompromising commitment to lead for protecting and asserting the fundamental rights of vulnerable people we are pleased to announce that Mr. Sradhanand Sital is being awarded with a Jan-Mitra award one of the most coveted award for his contribution towards the society.

About GHRD - Global Human Rights Defence

GHRD is an international human rights organization with the objective of promoting human rights for those areas where severe violations have victimized relatively large populations. Up until date millions of people continue to live in the margin of society lacking effective attention from the perspective of governments, development aid, human rights organizations and media authorities, in spite of mankind’s joint effort to build a detailed human rights legal framework, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN 1948) and followed by covenants, treaties and implementation mechanisms.


Jan Mitra award will be followed by street play by children group and discussion on child participation and education as tools for resilience and empowerment, which is organized by PVCHR with support of Tata Trust.

Chief Guest: Mr. Manoj Rai Dhoopchandi, Ex- Minister, Government of UP
Chair by: Sant Vivek Das- Head Priest, Kabirchaura Math
Place: Kabir Chaura Math, Kabirchaura, Varanasi
Date: 21 March 2016, 11 AM onward

PVCHR cordially invites you.
With regards,
Dr. Mahendra Pratap,Lenin Raghuvanshi, Shruti Nagvanshi