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Weimarer Menschenrechtspreis für indischen Menschenrechtler -

Weimarer Menschenrechtspreis für indischen Menschenrechtler -

Human rights prize of the city of Weimar in 2010 to Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi of the India

Lenin Raghuvanshi at PVCHR office
The City Council announced on 23rd June, 2010 in session 16 to give human rights prize of the city of Weimar in 2010 , Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi of the Indians .

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi has been working 15 years for the rights and interests of the Dalits (members of the lower caste), primarily in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. As the founder of the " Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human  Rights ( PVCHR ), he strove to maintain and enforce the fundamental rights of vulnerable groups such as children, women , Dalits and indigenous minorities.
Dr. Raghuvanshi with his committee put in place structures that allow it to demand these basic rights. He also documented many kind of human rights such as starvation, police torture, child labor, etc., and tried through cooperation with local human rights groups to care for the victims individually. Because of its commitment to human rights are he, his family and associates permanent hostility (including death threats ) exposed by political opponents. Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi was proposed by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom".

On 19 June 2010 's at 10.15 clock the 12th Charity soccer tournament  was opened by the Mayor on the football field in Tröbsdorf and it benefit the Human Rights Prize of the City of Weimar From 10.30 then the preliminary round matches begin for the big tournament of the Weimar Arts and company teams in favor of the Weimar Human Rights Award, which annually on 10 will be awarded in December , the International Human Rights Day .

All Weimar and Weimarerinnen are invited to participate in this beautiful day in football in Tröbsdorf with passionate flag-waving and loud support of their favorites as an audience.

The city of Weimar has the honor to remember their special historical responsibility and give a sign for all the nameless victims of dictatorships and tyrannies in the world, a human rights award.
Weimar is a city in Germany famous for its cultural heritage. Weimar's cultural heritage is vast. It is most often recognised as the place where Germany's first democratic constitution was signed after the First World War, giving its name to the Weimar Republic period in German politics, of 1918–1933. However, the city was also the focal point of the German Enlightenment and was where writers Goethe and Schiller developed the literary movement of Weimar Classicism. The city was also the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement, founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, with artists Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, and Lyonel Feininger teaching in Weimar's Bauhaus School.
Weimar has as many three entries in UNESCO's World Heritage List: Classical Weimar fronting 13 buildings and architectural ensembles, the 3 Bauhaus buildings  and the Memory of the World, containing handwritten manuscripts by Goethe.
Winner 2009
Sonja Biserko is one of the best known human rights activists in Serbia. She is one of the few who dared even in the days of the Milosevic regime , to raise their voice against the crime. She is President of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia "and various other non-governmental organizations for the enforcement of human rights active.
Winner 2009
Mrs. Jestina Mukoko is chairman of the human rights organization " Zimbabwe Peace Project ( ZPP ). The organization was founded in 2000 and is one of the leading organizations in Zimbabwe , human rights violations , document and publish for the rights of victims and persecuted. Mrs. Mukoko directs this organization since 2007.
Winners 2008
Issam Younis has been the foundation of the human rights organization Al Mezan Director and thus driving and decisive force of the organization. The NGO is working under difficult conditions in Gaza and proves every day that it is committed to the protection and respect for human rights without fear or favor and without partisanship .
Winner 2007
The Indian human rights activist Nimisha Desai is co-founder and Director of Women's Rights Organisation OLAKH (Identity). She has been fighting for over 20 years for women's rights in India.
Award Winners 2006
The life of independent journalists and psychologists Guillermo Farinas is marked by the confrontation with the dictatorship in his native Cuba. Born on 03 January 1963 in the poor district of La Chirusa in Santa Clara , he is sent to his education and attended the Military Academy as a cadet in the war in Angola .
Winner 2005
Until 1994 Libkan Basajewa worked as a lecturer Lecturer of Russian Literature and Linguistics at the University of Grozny. Since 1994 she is fighting against the war in their country. They documented numerous cases of Chechen citizens who were murdered by soldiers , humiliated or were abducted and reported it before the Council of Europe
Award Winners 2004
Paul Polansky, Born 2/1/1942 . in Mason City, Iowa (USA ) as a child of German and Czech immigrants , left in protest against the Vietnam War, the United States and lived in Europe. In 1990 he settled in Prague and devoted himself to the discriminated against Roma and Sinti , about whose fate he has published nine books.
Winners 2003
Mr. Riad Seif, Born 1946 , former independent member of the Syrian National Assembly and head of the ' National Dialogue Forum ', has been involved in years of very courageously for democracy and civil rights in his country. He calls for political reforms and democratic elections.
Prize Winners 2002
The organization 'Jamaicans for Justice' was started in 1999 as a non-partisan citizens' action group to life. It is made for the brave one realization of human rights in their country. Jamaica is the world's first country to human rights has canceled the agreement.
Winner 2001
Woman Shahnaz Bokhari, 45 years old and mother of four children, founder and director of the refuge is the Progressive Woman 's Association in Rawalpindi. She has her father's house as a refuge and shelter for women victims of male violence , were made available.
Winners 2000
counts for three decades Father Shay Cullen, A member of the Irish Columban Order, the world's most dedicated critics and opponents of sex tourism and child prostitution. For this use gives the city its Weimar this year's Human Rights Award at the International Human Rights Day , 10 December 2000.
Winner 1999
Woman Heike Chamber, Born 1960, has been working very hard in 1980 to ensure that human rights are respected. As an employee of the international peacekeeping brigades accompanied Mrs. chamber including in Guatemala , El Salvador and Mexico to help and advice , human rights groups , returning refugees, strike or displaced from their ancestral land farmers.
Laureates 1999
Jean -Paul Bengehya MuhananoBorn in 1968 , sits in an environment of civil war, country, happened in the atrocities of unimaginable in , horrible way for a mediation between the population groups.
Winner 1998
The proposal for the award to Ms. Meral Danis - Bestas handed " Amnesty International " one . The human rights organization , Ms Meral Danis - Bestas and appreciate them as gefährsdet . The proposal explains that : "... The lawyer has been active since her student days - for about ten years ago - in Diyarbakir in the human rights work.
Winners 1997
Dr. Beko Ransome- Kuti has been honored for his human rights work, in which he has been working since 35 years to ensure that all patients receive access to good medical care , not just the elites of Nigeria.
Winners 1996
Dr. Luis Guillermo Pérez Casas is honored for its diverse commitment to human rights was . As a member of the Colombian Association of Lawyers ' Democratas Abogados " (Democratic lawyers ) give legal advice and legal aid for victims of political violence.
Winners 1995
Selim Beslagic has used since the beginning of the war in his country to ensure that the people of all nationalities and religions live together in the great industrial city of Tuzla Bosnian further and defend themselves jointly against the chauvinism that has been brought in from outside and will be.
Winners 1995
Walter Schilling is within the opposition movement of the former GDR, one of the personalities who have fearlessly committed to human rights. The name of the now 60-year Walter Schilling is inextricably linked with his Braun of action village where he was several generations of young people contact and retreat.

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Fwd: 92 Malnutrition children of weaver in Kashi Vidyapeeth block of Varanasi in india

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Date: Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 3:23 PM
Subject: 92 Malnutrition children of weaver in Kashi Vidyapeeth block of Varanasi in india
To:, Kanishka Singh <>, Delhi-Prime Minister's Offi <>, "Smt. Sonia Gandhi" <>,,

Dear janab Rahul gandhi ji,
Greetings from PVCHR.
PVCHR associate Mr. Virendra Yadav , political and human rights activist,who recieved a list of 92 children of malnutrition of grade third and fourth grade.He started 
Please see the URL to see the statment of CDPO Mrs. Kusum Tara Rai
Earlier to this PVCHR has raised the issue of weaver  and continously highlight the hunger and malnutrition amongs weavers children in same area but still the condition is not improving, The condition of  weaver area become Somalia and Kalahandhi. Please take immediate action to stop the further malnutrition and hunger, to built a healthly future of India. 
With kind regards,

Dr. Lenin
Ashoka Fellow
2007 Gwanju Human Rights Awardee
Executive Director-PVCHR
 Please visit:

My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can loose our battle.. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is battle for freedom. It is the battle of reclamation of human personality….
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." (Desmond Tutu)

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92 Malnutrition children of weaver in Kashi Vidyapeeth block of Varanasi in india