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Fwd: Attack on Human rights defender

10 December 2007


Subject: About fake FIR against Human Rights Defender and Death Threat.



I Dr. Lenin, son of Mr. Surendra Nath, resident of SA 4/2A, Daulatpur, within the jurisdiction of Cantonment Police Station, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh wish to inform you the following. I am a Human Rights Defender and also a member of District Vigilance Committee on Bonded Labour. I am also the convener of the People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights, working on human rights issues in Uttar Pradesh. I work on issues of Hunger / Starvation and deaths due to hunger. Due to this, the state government has ordered an investigation, raising false accusations against me and my organisation; and antisocial elements are issuing death threat to me.


The village-head of Belwa of Badagaon administrative block, filed First Information Report [FIR] against me at Phoolpur Police Station under the section – 505 B on 9 th December, 2007 [crime  number 356/07]. In this FIR, the village-head Mr. Rajendar Thiwari has made false allegations that I am delivering anti-state leactures and my staff and myself were taking nude photographs of the villagers. Earlier I had filed a case against Mr. Thiwari. I filed this as a member of the District Vigilance Committee on Bonded Labour. This case was registered as FIR 92/2002, charge sheet number 117/2002, as crime number 114/2002 dated 23 April 2002. This case is still in court. Court has issued a warrant against him and he still wanted by the court. But this man has now filed an FIR against us at the Phoolpur Police Station and the policemen did not arrest him. It is very clear that the district administration, the state government and the anti Dalit forces are working jointly for eliminating our work in the state.       


Additionally in 2005 when Mr. Satyanarayan Giri was contesting the Panchayath election against Mr. Thiwari, Mr. Tiwari's friend Mr. Ramasray Singh abused me and threatened me with death. In this incident I filed an application to the Senior Superintendent of Police [SSP] Varanasi, on 6 th August 2005 by registered post. I requested the SSP to save my life. On 9th August 2005 Hong based regional human rights group, the Asian Human Rights Commission [AHRC] issued an Urgent Appeal and then the police registered FIR against him as Crime 117/05 under section 504, 506 Indian Penal Code. This case is still pending in court. In this case three Rapporteurs from the UN has written to the central government expressing concern about my case.


On 4th December 2007 I was in Delhi participating in a programme jointly organised by the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights [NCDHR] and the National Human Rights Commission of India. While I was in Delhi, I again received death threats on my cell phone 9935599333 at about 4.30 – 4.42 pm on 4th December, 2007. The call was from Varanasi and the caller said "…if you raise the issue of starvation and hunger death then you must be killed…". After this, again the AHRC issued an urgent appeal on 4 th December 2007. After returning to Varanasi on 6th December 2007 I filed petition by registered post to the SSP requesting to save me and protect my properties. I am writing for your kind notice that a baby from village Bhaisanare of District Jaunpur named Mukesh aged 4 years who was suffering from Grade IV malnutrition. When this news was reported in the media the Member of Parliament Mr. Rahul Gandhi brought the baby to the All India Institute of Medical IIMS. He admitted the baby in the hospital and after this the Chief Minister Ms. Mayawathi organised a press conference and made some false allegations against our organisation.


That is why I want to inform you that the situation is very sensitive and keeping notice of afore said things, a judicial process must be held in any action taken upon these issues. I am afraid that at any time the administration and the government might kill me and try to make fake cases against me. This is why I am praying to you to please take all necessary actions to protect my right to life and also that of the activists associated with me.


I am most obliged to you.

With warm regards,






1. Ms. Veena Kumari
District Magistrate
Varanasi, Kachahari, Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 542 2501450

2. Mr. Shripad Sirodakar
Senior Superintendent of Police
Varanasi, SSP Office, Kachahari, Uttar Pradesh

3. Dr. Kashmir Singh
Inspector General of Police
Varanasi Zone
Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh

4. Mr. Vikram Singh
Director General of Police
1-Tilak Marg, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 522 2206120, 2206174

Dr. Lenin (Ashoka Fellow)
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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Spe Salvi asserts human dignity, says Indian human rights activist


Spe Salvi asserts human dignity, says Indian human rights activist
by Nirmala Carvalho
Lenin Raghuvansi, this year's winner of the prestigious Gwangju Prize for human rights, says that hope in a better future cannot rely on scientific and technological progress if it does not include developing mankind's consciousness.

New Delhi (AsiaNews) – Hope in a better future cannot be entrusted in scientific and technological progress without developing people's consciousness about building a world that is respectful of human dignity. This is the conclusion that Lenin Raghuvansi, director of the People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and winner of the prestigious Gwangju Prize for human rights, draws from Spe Salvi, the Pope's latest encyclical.

Our committee "supports the Pope's views on the hunger, human rights violation and disease. For the PVCHR, without a change in conscience, these problems cannot be solved," he said.

"A change in thinking and conscience is required to change the world and create an enabling environment where the dignity of the human person is of primary importance."

Indeed "for us the hope expressed by the Pope entails an end to mankind's ideological evolution which raises hope in a new world order where the spiritual world entwined with progress in science creates a world where the human rights of the most marginalised are defended and the world is free from starvation."

"Science and technology are in the realm of the material world and changes in the material world do not necessarily imply a corresponding change in thinking and consciousness. This is certainly true because the limitations and impact of unchecked progress have rarely had any bearing on the consciousness of ordinary people."

"His Holiness Pope Benedict has rightly stated in Spe Salvi that science and the material world have their limits and that if nothing is done at the consciousness level, little can be done to reduce the sufferings of the majority of the humankind ."

"The Pope is right when he states that there is a disconnection between the results of science and people's consciousness. Racism, Fascism and other problems in the world are results of this dichotomy."