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Five year advocacy of PVCHR for Musahar in UP

Case Details of File Number: 36047/24/72/2013


Action Taken:
The matter rested thus when the Commission directed that the State Administration should get a special survey of the entire Musahar community living in the State conducted and include their names in the BPL list, Antodaya list and other lists as per their eligibility. This should be done as a special case and should not be dependent upon exclusion of an equal number of names from the BPL list as per the existing provisions. Similarly, this exercise should also not await publication of the fresh list. State Government shall make out efforts to complete this process of enumeration within a period of three months and report compliance to the Commission by 31st March, 2014. In response, the ADM (Administration), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh vide communication dated 12.3.2015 submitted that the matter was enquired through District Development Officer, Varanasi, who has informed that in Pindra Block, Varanasi, all the complainants have been provided ration card, identity card and hand pump has been established in Musahar Basti, which is in working order. However, in the general village panchayat so far Lohia Awas have not been given but as soon as the grant is received, the same will also be given to the villagers. The Commission further considered the matter on 27.8.2015 when it observed and directed as under: - “The report has received only in respect of Pindra Block, Varanasi but the Commission on 27.11.2013 has requested the State Government of Uttar Pradesh to make all efforts to get a special survey of the entire Musahar community living in the State of UP conducted and ensure inclusion of their names in the BPL list, Antodaya list and other lists as per their eligibility. The same has not been received. Chief Secretary, Government of UP be asked to order special survey in the light of direction issued by the Commission on 27.11.2013 and response be submitted within eight weeks. Copy of proceedings dated 27.11.2013 be sent to the Chief Secretary, Government of UP for information and action thereon”. In response, the DM, Varanasi, submitted a report dated 20.05.2017 along with a report of Lekhpal dated 16.04.2016, District Supply Officer dated 04.10.2016, District welfare Officer, Varanasi, dated 29.04.2016, BDO Pindra, Varanasi, dated 28.04.2016, Project Director, District Village Development Authority, Varanasi, dated 27.05.2016 and BDO, Pindra, dated 24.05.2016. The report reveals that the different departments of the District have stated that they have taken stock of the Musahar community in the Gram Sabha of Nehiya. The authorities have stated that they have given Musahar community all the benefits under the authorized benevolent scheme of Govt. of India as well as Govt. of UP. The reports have revealed that Musahar community has been given the election card, Antodaya/Ration Card, Old Age Pension and benefits under the scheme of Samajwadi Pension Yojna. The Commission again considered the matter on 20.9.2017 when it observed and directed as under: - “The Commission perused the record and observed that it had directed the Chief Secretary, Govt. of UP, vide its proceedings dated 27.08.2015 to get a special survey of the Musahar community living in the entire State of UP, conducted and ensure inclusion of their names in the BPL list, Antodaya list and other lists as per their eligibility and submit a report within eight weeks. The non-inclusion of the names of the families of Musahar community in the category of very poor and thus denying them the benefits of various social security and social welfare schemes of Centre and the State Government tentamounts to violation of their right to life with dignity, gurarateed under Article 20 of the constitution. Hence, if the suggested survey and the follow up action thereon is delayed any further, the Commission shall take recourse to coercive action u/s 13 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. However, it appears that the survey has not been conducted, as directed by the Commission. The Commissions, therefore, directs the Chief Secretary, Govt. of UP, to get a survey conducted of the Musahar community living in various districts of UP and submit a report on the points as directed by the Commission in its proceedings dated 27.08.2015 within four months positively”. In response, the Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh vide his communication dated 22.1.2018 has submitted a report on constituting a committee for giving benefits under social welfare schemes to the people of Mushahar community in the State. The details of such beneficiaries under certain schemes in four districts of Gorakhpur Zone have also been indicated. The Chief Secretary Government of Uttar Pradesh shall see that the initiatives taken by him are monitored and reviewed periodically. Since the initiative has been taken at the highest level in the State, no further intervention on the part of the Commission is called for and the case is closed.

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Five years advocacy of #PVCHR for #Dalit and #girls of #Bundelkhand

Case Details of File Number: 19835/24/47/2013

Status : Action Taken On 14/09/2018

Action Taken:
These proceedings shall be read in continuation with the earlier proceedings dated 09.02.2018 and 10.05.2018. Commission directed Government of UP to make over on the spot enquiry regarding the cause of imbalance in the sex ratio in the region of Bundalkhand and shall take immediate steps to check the female foeticides. The Chief Secretary was directed to submit the action taken report within three months. A joint report of Chief Medical Officer, SP & DM Lalitpur has been filed on dated 28.6.2018 The report reveals that to eradicate the social evil in which Dalit Women carry their shoes in hands when they move in front of the elderly and upper caste people, various programmes were organized in which Sampoorn Samadhan Diwas was celebrated at the district level Samadhan Diwas at P.S. Level Thana was celebrated. The Social Welfare Deptt. as well as Women, Social Welfare Programmes were initiated like melas/ programmes/ meetings were held to aware the people and women against the social evil in which Dalit Women carry their shoes in front of elderly and upper caste people. No complaint has been received from anyone regarding this evil practice. The report also reveals that DM organized from May 2017 to June 2018 186 Janchaupal involving many villages. In these Janchaupal huge numbers of men and women participated from different villages, caste, community etc. and awareness for eradication of Social evil was held and no complaint was received. Hence this evil practice has been completely eradicated now it is not prevalent at all. Regarding sex determination every next month meeting is organized with private clinics, who are having ultrasound machines and strict warning and instructions are given to follow the PNDT Rules and regulations and not to conduct the sex determination test. It is also submitted that Govt. has announced to Rs. 2.0 lacs to the secret informer, who informs about illegal sex determination by clinics, hospitals, doctors etc. The awareness is created through distribution of pamphlets, hoardings etc. Since last five years no complaint has been received by the district administration. As per the census record in 2001 to 2011 the population of girl child has increased. The sex ratio of girl child in 2001 was 882 in 2011 it has increased to 906. Also 0-6, the number of girl child is more than boy child. The report is taken on record. The Commission has perused and considered the report. A detailed report has been filed. Though awareness programmes has been conducted by the District Administration to eradicate the evil practice of carrying shoes in hands by dalit women in front of elderly person and upper caste and regarding imbalance of sex ratio in the region, it is a continuous process at the large scale awareness programme has to continue for complete ban on evil practice and to balance the sex ratio. The Commission is of the opinion that administration should be continued with awareness programme. The case stands closed.

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Twenty five thousand compensation and action against responsible police

Order for disciplinary action against responsible police officials and compensation of twenty five thousand to survivor. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

8 lakhs (Eights undred thousand Ruppees) to 10 survivors survivors of bonded labour from brick kiln

8 lakhs (Eights undred thousand Ruppees) to 10 survivors survivors of bonded labour from brick kiln of Sri Subhas Singh village pure, Diyalpur post Rampur, under jurisdiction Surari of Jaunpur district & relatives. They are resident of resident of village Phattanpur, under jurisdiction sureri of district Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh.

These labourers received the monetary compensation of Rs. 20,000/- to each of the released bonded labourer. The District Magistrate, Jaunpur vide a report dated 13.2.2018 has also submitted that the monetary relief under the provisions of SC/ST (POA) Act, 1989 has been paid into the accounts of all the released bonded labourers.

The list of bonded labours are Rajendra Mushars 26 years s/o Late Banwari, Seema 24 years w/o Rajendra, Nandu 24 years s/o Sri Bhonu, Photu 26 years s/o Bhonu, Bindu 18 years s/o Bhonu, Sunita 17 years w/o Bindu , Guddu 20 years s/o late Banwari, Nahki 15 years s/o Bhonu, Bhonu 65 years s/o late Parsottam, Mahadeva 60 years w/o Bhonu…/india-eyewash-tactics-of-admini…

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Breaking impunity, one step of justice with compensation of 1250000 India rupees

NHRC intervened in case of police inaction and police harassment case against a dalit survivor

Case Details of File Number: 963/10/1/2014
Complainant Address: PVCHR, SA 4/2 A, DAULATPUR,
Place of Incident: BENGALURU

Action Taken:
The Complainant has alleged that the priest of Rudreshwara Swami Temple assaulted a dalit boy who had gone to the temple for prasadam. The boy was seriously injured. No FIR was registered by the police. It has been prayed to register the case under SC/ST (POA) Act, 1989 and appropriate action in the matter. The Commission having taken cognizance, issued notice to the Superintendent of Police , Bengaluru, to inquire into the matter and submit the report. Accordingly, a report has been submitted wherein it is stated that a case was registered and charge-sheet has already been submitted to the court for some of the offences under Indian Penal Code as well as the provisions of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. A sum of Rs. 1,25,000/- has been paid to the victim representing 50% of the amount. The matter has been taken in the Camp Sitting at Bengaluru. Shri Ajay Hilori, DCP East, Bengaluru City Police was present here. He stated that in view of the action taken by the concerned official, nothing remains for adjudication. The Complainant was absent. Having regard to the fact that both the police and the Government of Karnataka had taken action for prosecution as well as payment of monetary relief, nothing survives for further consideration. Hence the case is closed.

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Five hundred thousand rupees compensation to each survivor: 10 lacs to two families of survivor of custodial death by torture

Ten hundred Thousands compensation to two families of survivors of custodial death due to torture in UP and Bihar.  NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) recommended which is implemented by Governments of UP and Bihar in India.

Case Details of File Number: 1366/4/28/2012-AD

Name of the Victim: RAM CHANDRA
Place of Incident: BIHAR
Action Taken:
By its proceedings dated 22.03.2017, the Commission had recommended to the Govt. of Bihar to pay an amount of Rs. Five Lakhs as monetary compensation to the next of kin of the deceased Shankar Choudhary. The Chief Secretary, Government of Bihar was directed to submit compliance report alongwith proof of payment within six weeks. Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, District Magistrate, Rohtas, Sasaram, Bihar vide communication dated 27.07.2018 has forwarded a copy of receipt regarding payment of Rs. Five Lakhs as monetary compensation to next of kin of the deceased Shankar Choudhary. In view of compliance of recommendation of the Commission, the case along with linked cases 2130/4/28/2011-AD & 1366/4/28/2012-ad is closed. The video cassette/ CD of autopsy, if any, be sent back to the concerned authority.

Case Details of File Number: 36841/24/47/2010-AD

Name of the Complainant: LENIN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Action Taken:
By its proceedings dated 07.02.2018, the Commission had recommended to the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh to pay a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs as monetary relief to NOK of the deceased Shobha Ram. The Chief Secretary, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh was required to submit compliance report along with proof of payment within 8 weeks. Pursuant to the direction of the Commission, Superintendent of Police, Lalitpur vide communication dated 01.09.2018 had informed that a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs has been paid to the NOK (brother) of the deceased Shobha Ram though e-banking and a copy of the receipt regarding payment has also been forwarded with the report. In view of the compliance of the recommendation of the Commission, the case is closed.

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Invitation: Neo Dalit Convention at Haridwar,Uttrakhand,India

Greetings from Haridwar,India.
From this sacred place, may I take this opportunity of calling for a ‛‛Neo-Dalit’’ Movement – combining shudras and ati-shudras from all regions who have been systematically subjugated over the centuries due to their caste or religion.
With this view, the Neo Dalit consultation has been called on 20th January, 2019 in Hardiwar. It is going to be one step further after the neo dalit consultation on 9th August 2018, on the occasion of Quit India Movement, at the Moolgadi Kabirchaura Math, Varanasi, India and Banaras Convention for better India and for better world.
In today’s parlance, as you might kindly appreciate, the main problems facing the country come from a ‛‛culture of impunity’’ - which is a shared belief that few can act without being accountable for their actions – at social, economic and political level.
At the convention, it will be our endeavour to explain why this popular movement is going to be the best way to remove this ‛‛culture of impunity’’ and most importantly, how best the opinion leaders from all communities have a great role to play on this major gathering. Our understanding is that many problems that India faces today are linked together and therefore, cannot be separated, both in understanding and resolution. For that reason, the most effective way to resolve them is to address the problem in a comprehensive approach that takes into account the political, economic and sociological issues and seeks solutions which would take care of those different yet ‛‛linked problems’’, based on a popular movement.
Guest of honour and key speakers:
• Shri Urmilesh ji, Senior journalist, television anchor, author and Ex-executive director of Rajya Sabha TV
• Prof. Ratan Lal, Hindu Collge, Delhi
• Shri Lalji Desai, National President, Congress Sevadal and eminent social activist
• Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, Senior journalist and founder of Media Vigil
• Shri Ambrish Kumar , Ex- Member of Legislative Assembly
• Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi, Convenor, Savitri Bai Phule Women Forum
• Shri Nadeem Khan, United against Hate
• Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, Founder and CEO, Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)

Place: Narayan Dutt Tiwari Youth Hostel, Jwalapur Road, Near Bhagat Singh Chowk,Ranipur Mod,Haridwar,Uttarkhand
20 Janurary,2018 11 AM to 4 PM

Links on Neo Dalit process as follows:

Neo Dalit Consultation coordination committee would cordially invite you as a distinguished delegate for the programme to be an ambassador of sustainable peace with justice so we may be benefited from your rich experience especially in our crusade against sectarian thinking and communal fascism.

We are also inviting people to be the part of the co-coordinating committee. We would encourage you to please send us your consent to
Yours truly,
Neo Dalit Consultation coordination committee
Front Page Publication (London, UK), PVCHR Uttarakhand, PVCHR, Media Vigil Trust and United against hate.
Abhishek Srivastava: 8800114126
Adv. Nitin: 8273433571
Shirin Shabana Khan: 9453155296
Event at facebook:
This initiative is not being financially supported by any corporate. So, interested key speakers and people looking forward for their active participation are requested to borne their expense of travel and accommodation.
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