Sunday, April 16, 2006

Report: March 2006 ( Right to food)

Report: March 2006Ø In the case of Bonded labors at brick kiln in the village of Amauli under police station Chaubeypur, Varanasi, release certificates have not yet issued by SDM to the victims for their rehabilitation. NHRC issued the notice to DM of Varanasi (Ann.1) to take proper action to set the bonded labours free and to provide them proper security and ensure their rehabilitation. CO of Cholapur police circle made an enquiry in the case and as a result of this brick kiln owners has restrained himself from giving threatening to the Musahar bonded labourers.
Ø PVCHR complained with NHRC and DM of Varanasi in the case of Rajendra Musahar. Here it should be noted that Rajendra Musahar was falsely implicated in the matter of theft by Phoolpur police and he was detained in police station for 20 hours. On the complain of PVCHR, NHRC issued direction to DG (I) of NHRC to collect information in respect of the said case. (Ann.2)
Ø PVCHR complained the three cases in one petition about extra judicial killing, police torture of a juvenile and custodial violence to NHRC. NHRC has taken the case up under their consideration. (Ann.3)
Ø OMCT (world organization against torture) based at Geneva (Switzerland) and FIDH (Federation of international organizations) based at France has published and issued a book in which incident of attack on PVCHR activists has been given place under the heading of Steadfast Resistance. IN a report of Ms. Hina Jilani, a representative of UN Secretary General for human rights defenders, three cases from Varanasi out of five cases from all over India were given place, which were submitted by AHRC and PVCHR. Three cases from Varanasi which got place in UN report are given under:
1. Attack on PVCHR activists in village Belwa , Varanasi by feudal.
2. Illegal detention and torture of Musa Azmi of NCDHR.
3. Police inaction in rescue of trafficked minor girls from Red light area of Shivdas pur, Varanasi and lodging fake cases against Ajeet Singh and his wife Ms. Manju of Guria.
Ø NHRC has issued notice to DM, Gazipur (case No. 39214/24/2005-2006/UC) on the complain of PVCHR about hunger death of Shani Musahar and Shivnath Musahar of village:Badauli,Block:Bhawarkol,Gazipur.
Ø NHRC has issued notice to DM, Chandoli (case No. 39217/24/2005-2006/UC) on the complain of PVCHR about hunger situation of Hari Nath of village:Budepur ,Block:Danapur, Chandoli. PVCHR complained with special secretary (revenue) of UP. After that DM of Chandoli and BDO of Dhanapur block sent a letter to state government and copy to PVCHR stating the steps what have been taken in respect of the said case of Hari Nath and same was enquired by PVCHR and was found true which as follows:
1. A committee was formed on emergency fund for victims of hunger and malnutrition by village panchayat and Rs. 1000/- was given to the victim Hari Nath by Pachayat.
2. Victim was given AAY-red cards and his mother was given Annapurna card
3. DM gave instruction to CHC, Dhanpur to provide medical help for the treatment of TB of victim and DM instructed to BDO to provide 100 days employment to the family’s members of victims under Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
Ø BBC made a film on the crisis of weavers of Varanasi of India. After that Craft council of India and Craft Revival Trust initiated a campaign for the rights of the weavers of Varanasi. On 14th Marc 06 they organized a meeting on “ Crisis of weavers in Varanasi” at ICC, New Delhi. In that meeting the Director of NIFT and UNESCO, India took part and PVCHR made their presentation in the meeting based on thorough study of the starving situation of weavers in Varanasi.
Ø PVCHR as a resource organization trained the member of Executive Council of Voice of People (VOP) at Jari in Allahbad on 20-21 March 2006.
Ø As it is know that PVCHR has created blogger (free cyber space) on the starving situation of marginalized communities of his working areas to draw the attention of masses and to collect help and sympathy of them in favour of those poor people: alliance of poor. As a result of this India today (Hindi edition) published on 29th March 2006 a story focusing on starving condition of poor people of UP. In this story India Today elaborately gave the report of hunger deaths in the districts of eastern UP based on the work and study of PVCHR and AHRC (Hong Kong).
Ø Media fellow Mr. Ashwini Singh of Sonbhadra highlighted and investigated the hunger death of a tribal Ram jit of Bhabhani block of Sonbhadra.
Ø Media Fellow Manoj Kumar Singh highlighted the deaths of Musahars caused by TB in Kushinagar. As a result of this District administration of Kushi Nagar accepted the facts and decided to take immediate action. He also highlighted the matter of corruption in food for work scheme in Kushinagar and District Administration took action against the concerning officers.
Ø Kanhar Bachao Andolan, Bhoomi Hakdari Morch and GSS organized a Jan Sunwai (people’s hearing) in Duddhi, Sondhadra on food security schemes and displacement on the death anniversary of Shahid Bhagat Singh (23 March, 2006).Dr. Lenin participated in Jan Sunwai as panelist on behalf of PVCHR and Right to Food Campaign.
Ø At present, reports of community fellows are in Hindi and within six months we would review that and it’s brief would be reported. A community fellow named Jhamani Devi working in Rajgarh block of Mirzapur, organized a Dharana before BDO in which more than one thousand tribal people participated demanding the full implementation of Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and other food security schemes. During the Dharana all village secretaries of block Rajgarh took part in the program of interface with activists of Mahila Adhikar Manch in the presence of BDO.
Ø On the hunger death of four Musahars of village Damahi of Mirzapur taking in to the notice of complaint made by PVCHR, NHRC issued notice to The DM of Mirzapur. As a result of this all 53 Musahar families have received red ration cards and have been promised by district administration to give them land and houses. SDM and SP visited in the village and distributed blanket and 10 KG rice to each Musahar family in the village.
Ø A Dalit widow woman named Khetala of village Kakana of district Sultanpur, on the complain of PVCHR to SDM, Kadipur and Special secretary (Revenue) of UP, was given Rs. 1000/-, land and Red AAY card.
Ø PVCHR complained with DM,Muraina,MP, Chief secretary of MP and SC commissioner Shri NC Saxena about the hunger situation of two old men and women of district Muraina. SDM, Muraina provided the victims some immediate relief by giving him shelter and food, but PVCHR has made demand to give them red AAY cards and Annapurna cards to them.PVCHR has also demanded to make rule to form an emergency fund at village and district level for immediate relief to the victims of hunger and malnutrition.
Ø PVCHR activists has found three children in the village Belwa of Varanasi who are suffering from Malnutrition as the certificate to this effect has been given by MO of PHC. It should be noted that one child belongs to ST and other two children belong to OBCs. All of them are landless, but their parents have yellow cards, which was given for those people who are above poverty line. PVCHR complained with NHRC, Chief secretary, Special secretary (revenue), DM, BDO and SC commissioners. NHRC has registered case.(Case no.:41875/24/2005-2006)
Ø PVCHR submitted the concept of Dr. Darin named as Varanasi Weavers Trust to chief Minister of UP on 29th July 2004, to act upon idea and concept DR. Darin, making response to this. Special secretary of textile ministry of UP, Dr. R.C.Duwa made a response through his DO letter to PVCHR convener, Dr. Lenin dated 18th March 2006. (DO letter no.: 4CM/63-wa0 U0-2006), in which it was informed that their monitoring the matter.Government of UP sent a DO letter to commissioner of Varanasi division for necessary action and clarification related policy and implementation (DO letter no.: 4CM/63-wa0 U0-2006 )and has aaured for immediate action.


Case Details of File Number: 38403/24/2005-2006
Diary Number 1063
Name of the Complainant DR. LENIN , PEOPLE VIGILANCE
Name of the Victim SURESH & OTHERS
Place of Incident N.A
Date of Incident 1/1/1991
Direction issued by the Commission Issue notice to the DM, Varanasi, calling for a report in four weeks.
Action Taken Notice Issued
Status on 3/18/2006 Response from concerned authority is awaited.

Case Details of File Number: 39110/24/2005-2006
Diary Number 1111
Name of the Complainant DR. LENIN
Name of the Victim RAJENDRA MUSHAR
Place of Incident PHOOLPUR
Date of Incident 2/23/2006
Direction issued by the Commission DG(I) to collect facts within four weeks.
Action Taken
Status on 3/18/2006

Case Details of File Number: 41873/24/2005-2006
Diary Number 170748
Name of the Complainant DR. LENIN
Name of the Victim PRANSU BAJPEYI & OTHERS
Place of Incident GOLGHAR
Date of Incident 4/6/2005
Status on 3/18/2006 The Complaint is under consideration.