Saturday, June 10, 2006

Deatention of PVCHR activist in Varanasi of India

It is brought to your kind notice that on the order of District Magistrate Varanasi human rights activist Shri Santosh Patel associated with PVCHR has once again been arrested and detained in shivpur police station .Be it known that the said activist Santosh Patel went to tahasil today on 7/06/06 on the occasion of Tahasil Day along with other villagers named Ram narayan Patel and Radhey shyam to put their problem before the concerning officials. DM Varanasi in place of taking their grievances in to his notice arbitrarily gave order of arrest of Santosh Patel for unknown reasons. In this respect it should be noted that the said activist Santosh Patel was arrested on 10/05/06 & detained in shivpur police station for 8 hours on the order of same D.M of Varanasi.
Sir Santosh patel today went to Tahsil of Varanasi along with Radhe shyam and Ram Narayan to make complain about discriminatory practices of some teachers against children of deprived community in middle school of Belwa village and to complaint about the irregularities in making of Ration cards and bribery taken by junior engineer from Raghubar Patel father of Santosh Patel.
That on the information of arrest of Santosh Patel when fellow Human Rights Activists Anupam and Anand went to Tahsil Varanasi to know reason behind the arbitrary arrest of Santosh Patel then D.M Varanasi said that Santosh patel is a tout or broker who creates nuisance for the district administration. This statement of D.M Varanasi clearly exhibits that he avoid to face the problem of common people and act as a dictator.
Please take necessary steps for early release of sri Santosh Patel and to teach a lesson to D.M Varanasi.

Shiv prasad