Friday, July 21, 2006

Role of media in fighting against Hunger:Ajay Rai

Role of media in fighting against Hunger

A workshop over the role of media in fighting against hunger has been conducted by RTFC and organised by a very popular journalist Ajay Rai of Amar Ujala for RTFC where a number of media persons belong from print 2 electronic media both were invited to join the discussion in Hotel Kamesh Hut workshop was host by Mr. Prashant and the chief guests invited were Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui (Adv.) and Smt. Manju a social worker of Guria. Different NGOs partners have presented their views over the subject in workshop.
Mr. Tanveer Ahemed Siddiqui has appreciated media for its work where’s Siddiqui Hasan to that it is media due to which a poor family got 10,000/- at the death of its one of the family member.
Ajay Rai a media person now a day every thing is published and nothing has got being secret. Dr. Lenin told that victim should bring into limelight and not the organizations supporting them.
No. of Participants:35
Dated - 21.6.06
Venue - Hotel Kamesh Hut
Organizer - IRC
Ø Media fellow Mr. Ashwini Singh of Sonbhadra highlighted and investigated the hunger death of a tribal Ram jit of Bhabhani block of Sonbhadra.
Ø Media Fellow Manoj Kumar Singh highlighted the deaths of Musahars caused by TB in Kushinagar. As a result of this District administration of Kushi Nagar accepted the facts and decided to take immediate action. He also highlighted the matter of corruption in food for work scheme in Kushinagar and District Administration took action against the concerning officers.