Monday, June 02, 2008

Malnutritional death of child and drama of so-called democratic state

From: Lenin Raghuvanshi
Date: Jun 1, 2008 1:41 PM
Subject: Uttar Pradesh: Somalia and Kalahandi inside Varanasi!
To: Bijo Francis , Basil Fernando , Prashant ,,,,, "Smt. Sonia Gandhi" , Delhi-Prime Minister's Offi , Syeda Hameed , Syeda Hameed , Parul Sharma , Voice of People ,,, 518 Foundation , "" ,, Molly Hickok ,, David Martin , commissioners , Harsh Mander , Arundhati Dhuru

I am frustated that Local Self Governance and district administartion are doing nothing after complain and media covergae. PVCHR supported with help of care house foundation and our managing trustee Shruti gave blood.But no support by so-called democratic Government.Shame.................

Other 13 children are also suffering with malnutrition in same village. PVCHR declared that our beloved Shahabuddin is matryas against malnutrition. State Government wants to silence the voice of marginalized.But PVCHR is not going to stop struggle against hunger,malnutrition and exploitation.

with warm regards,

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