Monday, April 20, 2009

Stigma plagues India 'Untouchables'

PVCHR is taking the testimonies of the dalits, poor, deprived and marginalized people, which is used to convert the individual pain into political campaign. Aljazeera channel has published the story of people described through testimony. below is the link of about story published in Aljazeera:

Story on Aljazeera:

AHRC issued Hunger Alert on the reportings of PVCHR in which PVCHR raised the issue of right to food of dalit. the dalits people are still facing scarcity of food in lack of land. Below is the link of urgent appeal issued by AHRC on Dalit issue of land:

we downloaded the application written to the Secretary (education)of UP to spread awareness among the dalit and to annex them with mainstream. below is the link of the application:

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