Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thanks to RG and further appeal in Raup village of India

Katwaru Ghasia belongs to famous village raup known for the hunger death of 18 children. Katwaru dine with former Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. When he heard about Mr. Rahul Gandhi visit to Aharaura of Mirzapur district on 19th February, 2010, he met and expressed his wish to local congress leader and followed him to the venue. Katwaru also expressed him to present the tribal memento (bow & arrow and hat) to Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He informed him the pathetic condition of his tribe. Thnaks to Mr. Rahul Gandhi for listening and honoring the testimony of suffering tribal and karma artist.PVCHR urges to office of RG to appeal the Government of India to adopt the Raup village as Sanskrit Village(Village of culture) linked with tourism. 

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