Thursday, January 13, 2011

A testimony

I, Shruti Nagvanshi, Anupam Nagvanshi, Prem Kumar and Kalawati were charged under section 505 (b)[i]of Indian Penal Code. Based on the complain of the village Head of Belwa Mr. Rajendra Tripathi the Phulpur police has registered a crime, crime number 357/2007. Hon'b High Court, Allahabad gave stay order on the arrest of the above mention persons.                                                           

Further proceeding of Case No. 918 of 2008 under section 505 (b) is pending in the Court of the Judicial Magistrate I, Varanasi shall remain stayed till the next date of the listening. But the proceeding of the case 505 (b) is stayed by the Hon'b High Court.

Mr. Tripathi is an upper Caste Brahmin, who thus far has never faced questions from anybody else, particularly from a lower caste community. The work of PVCHR unified the Mushars of Belwa and Tripathi realized that this unification was a challenge to his authority and power in the village. Mr. Tripathi was forcing the Mushars to work as the bonded laborers in the brick kilns and has been convinced by the Magistrate Courts in Varanasi for restoring to Bonded Labour. Tripathi is a rightwing politician who also has the support of the local mafia.

I was the subject of intimidation by Rajendar Thripathi, and in 2002, I filed First Information Report (FIR) was filed against Rajendar Thripathi in his capacity as member of the Committee on Bonded Labour. A warrant was consequently issued for Rajendar Thripathi's arrest, which is still pending. It is not known why Rajendar Thripathi was not arrested when he presented himself at the police station to file the FIR against me; however it could be seen to indicate a degree of collusion between the police and the local authorities. They are charge sheeted and trial is going on in the Court

Furthermore, in August 2005, I received death threats from a friend of Rajendar Thripathi, Rmasray Singh, while Rajendar Thripathi was contesting the Panchayath election. I reported these threats to the authorities on 6 August 2005 and a FIR was issued. This case is also pending despite expressions of concern from three United Nations Special Rapporteurs to the central government. They are charge sheeted and trial is going on in the Court.

 Frontline immediately released urgent appeal and the case was brought in the kind consideration of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on the situation of human rights defender. Frontline, Ireland provided legal aid for this case. The case was also discussed with the different embassies in the under the European Union mandate for the protection of Human Rights Defender. The embassies provide moral support and continuously communicate about the status of the case.

[i] Statement conducing to public mischief


Dr. Lenin
Executive Director-PVCHR/JMN
Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.
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