Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paradigm shift of elimination of malnutrition in villages

PVCHR got happy after reading the news published in daily Hindi newspaper that Shri Pranjal Yadav District Magistrate of Varanasi adopted Ayer village  from Harhuwa block and Baikunthapur village from Pindra and CDO Vishakha ji adopted Nehiya from Pindra  block and Baithauli from Harhuwa block under the Uttar Pradesh State Government program “State Nutrition Mission”. (Reference of the news published in Amar Ujala on 16th November, 2014)

The most marginalized ghetto (Basti) of the above selected three villages (Ayer, Bhaithauli and Nehiya) are also being adopted by PVCHR  for creating it as Child Friendly Model Village in 2006 (Ayer and Bhaithauli) and Torture free model village (Nehiya) in 2010.

Organization believes that Education will break the cycle of poverty, improve equity, empower women, and create health awareness and moreover improved democracy and accountability.  So, in 2006 with the support of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust runs Pre-Primary Center in Ayer and Bhaithauli for the first learners. In 2007 Ms. Helma Ritscher, Chairperson, Indo- German Society of Remscheid visited Ayer village and together with the community and PVCHR core group and core – team decided to build room in musahar ghetto with economic assistance from Inwent, Germany through DIG. Understanding the importance of education Mr. Sijjan and Somaru Musahar donated the land to build the pre- primary centre with the kitchen. On 6th September, 2007 Ms. Veena, District Magistrate of Varanasi and Mr. Kim, Director-Trustee of May 18 Foundation and participants of 4th May 18 Academy of South Korea inaugurate this Eklavya Centre.

The Eklavya center was development as a model center which provides holistic development to the child i.e. education, food and playing material. The food, playing items, educational materials were provided with the support of Ms. Parul Sharma an NRI based in Sweden, which break the culture of silence and children enrolled in school for primary education Working for providing education to the most marginalized communities was not easy for the organization. A dedicated worker Mr. Brijesh Pandey faced threat and discrimination from BSA (Basic Siksha Adhikari) on bringing the corporal punishment of Suresh Mushar due to caste based discrimination.

In 2011 PVCHR with the support from Child Right and You (CRY) implemented many Multi-dimensional activities implemented in four ways to ensure Right to Participation, Right to survival, Right to Development, and Right to Protection of children through (1) Direct activity with children (2) Action with community (3) Direct action with local self – governance (4) Networking and policy advocacy, which is creating child right grid model. (5) Facilitate effective implementation of other legislations for child protection in the Model village.   

Now children are discussing and advocating for their rights through children parliament Sant. Ravidas Bal Panchayat.

After malnutrition mapping and intervention 76 families received emergency assistance of 1000 Rupees as per the directive issued byUttar Pradesh government on 24 December, 2004 signed by the chief secretary. This directive requires every Village Council in the state to form a committee for hunger and malnutrition.

In 2009 during the mass protest of the Voice of People (VOP) a state level network for the working on child rights issues. The marginalized communities of Nehaiya village join in the movement and came in the contact of PVCHR.  In 2010 PVCHR adopted this village for creating as torture free model village.
After the intervention on the folk school, situational analysis and campaign these village developed infrastructure and major marginalized communities are benefited with the Government schemes.

On this moment PVCHR heartily thanks to Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi, its team, Dalit team, Helma ji and Indo- German society of Remschied, Germany, Ms. Parul Sharma, Raj Dulari Foundation, Dignity: Danish Institute Against Torture, Voice of People, Child Right and You and Sir Dorabji Tata Trust for support.

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