Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Plural Word Challenge

Hello everybody, (German version below!)
As some of you know Possibly, we are participating on a competition for aid organization. In this competition we can win some money to really start our project. Please help us to win this money!
All you need to do is click on this for this link: 
https://wettbewerb.yooweedoo.org/entry/2015/pluralworldchallenge/   and choose "vote for this project." After you did want to have to sign in, where it is the easyest way to choose "Sign in with Facebook".
This is realy all you need to do to help us! We all thank you for voting!
Best wishes, the "Plural World Challenge" team

Hello Everybody,
Some of you may already know that we participate in a contest for charities. In this competition, we can win money to initiate our project. Please help us to get this money!
All you have to do is to click on the link: 
https://wettbewerb.yooweedoo.org/entry/2015/pluralworldchallenge/   and then select "Vote for this project." After that, it is easiest if you choose "Sign in with Facebook". Alternatively you can register you with your e-mail address. To do this you click top right on "Register" and choose "Register". Then you can register and vote according to "vote for this project," with your login information newly elected!
That's all you have to do to support us. We thank everyone for their vote!
Love, the "Plural World Challenge" team

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