Monday, August 15, 2016

Discrimination against Dalits in India- Can Social Movement Provides Solution?

Eminent Dalit rights activist Lenin Reghuvanshi has called for a neo-Dalit movement to overthrow feudalism, neo-fascism, neo-liberalism to establish a society based on equal dignity for human kind. To eliminate Caste system, Lenin has suggested the creation of a ‘Neo-Dalit’ movement– combining Shudras and ati-Shudras (untouchables of all kinds) from all regions, which would formulate popular movement against the ‘culture of impunity’ through mobilisation of opinion among leaders from all communities. Interestingly Neo-Dalit movement involves all progressive people from all sectors of life-who believe in social CHANGE. Lenin, argue that that social movements are the only solution, and stress the need for the change in attitude among the ruling classes. In his words, “Neo-Dalit movement will improve their (Dalits) political, economic and social conditions. First, we may fight against political repression and impunity by legal process. Secondly, the social impunity should be challenged by changing cognitive weakness (inferiority complex of Dalits), We need to create commons forums for Neo-Dalit, in order to break the wall of silence”.

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