Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Expereince of Sangita Bhat (FK fellow)

Since 2012, I worked with Informal Sector Service Centre. I got fellowship from FK Norway for youth exchange program between two human rights based organization PVCHR and INSEC. I am in Varanasi from 10 January 2016 for my first phase of exchange program. I am really impressed with working style of PVCHR. PVCHR worked with children, women as well as grass root community people so that I gainedmuch valuable information from it. Major activities:It’s a very important achievement for my lifetime. While I am in Varanasi, I don’t have experiences on adjust in diverse culture. We four fellow were different background, so Dishad, Pooja and Nirmal helped me to adjust me on this environment and new workplace. I learned many professional skills as well as daily survive. 

Major Conducted activities:
1. Meeting with PVCHR
2. Visiting puwari khurd Gram panchayat
3. Visiting and some activities Raja Suhel Dev Janamitra Shikchyan Kendra Bhagawanala
 4. Discussion about Blog making networking system
5. VisitedMadarsaMadinatul Ashraf AzimnagarBazadiya
6. Participated in Indo-German society Program.
7. Restyled the library of Bhahawanala School.
8. Meeting with BalPanchayt. 9. Making Blog
10. Participation in State level conference Implementation of Right to Education Actin Bihar.
11. Participation in national level conference Implementation of Right to Education Act in New Delhi India.
12. Participationin distribution of Janamitra Award to ShriSradhanandSital
 13. Discussion program on Right to information with member of BalPanchayat.
14. VisitedSaraiMusahar Village Varanasi
15. Facilitating the discussion program on RTI with the member of BalPanchayat
16. Sending letter to major stakeholder for attestation the issue of SaraiMusahar village.

I am also starting to write a blog, my blogs link as bellow:

I learn different language from different culture. It was very different community for me. Visited many rural areas where PVCHR worked. I gained skill of network building and communication.
 I learn many professional skills through PVCHR. It is very important in my life time. I want to thankful to all entire team of PVCHR who helped me made my each day meaningful. Thank you so much for your kind helps support and hospitality for me. I missing you all in my life time, you are capture in my memory like a meaning full cinema. I found this learning is a pillar my carrier. 

Sangita Bhat
FK Fellow

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