Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Order of NHRC in case of Lenin Raghuvvanshi

Recently on 15 December,2017 National Human Rights Commission(NHRC), a premier Human Rights Institution of India and ‘people’s court for poor’ furnished follows order in case number of 42218/24/72/2012 :
This proceeding shall be read in continuation of the earlier proceedings in the matter: Vide last proceedings dated 19.4.2016 the Commission directed as under: “The Commission has perused the detailed notings of the Investigation Division and the papers placed in the file. In so far as the cases which are under consideration of the court, the Commission cannot intervene and the petitioner may ventilate his grievances before the adjudicating court. The allegations of attempt on his life & his false implication are serious in nature. The petitioner has been a member of the Core Committee on NGO, in the Commission and has filed several cases in the Commission on violation of Human Rights from across the country. In the light of the facts and circumstances of this case, let the DIG, Investigation Division of the Commission call the petitioner Dr. Lenin on a mutually convenient date and get his version recorded. Present status/outcome of the criminal cases as indicated above be obtained within 6 weeks. The matter therefore be placed before the full Commission.” A note has thus been received from the Investigation Division detailing the steps taken by it. It is inter-alia reported vide note dated 27.5.2016 that the complainant was called “as per his convenience” and his statement was recorded making allegations / complaints regarding cases registered against him. Accordingly, present status / outcome of the cases is being sought. It is inter-alia further reported that despite reminders ending with that dated 19.10.2016, present status of FIR Nos.199/2013, 4/2013, 359/2013 and 418/2013 have not been received from the SSP, Varanasi so far. Threat of coercive process has not yielded any results. Commission takes a very serious view of the non-responsive attitude on the part of the SSP, Varanasi. Let Summons under section 13 of the PHR Act, 1993 be issued to the SSP, Varanasi to personally appear before the Commission on 20.2.2018 to explain his utter casual and callous attitude since the instant cases pertain to the year 2012. However, if the report is received a week prior to the scheduled date, his personal appearance shall stand dispensed with. Delinked files be bunched separately.”

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