Friday, March 30, 2018

Intervention of Shruti Nagvanshi of PVCHR played vital role for formulation of anti-trafficking law in Assam

A 19 year old girl was brought from Amlaigudi, District Udalguri, Assam to District Bhiwani, Haryana. Thereafter, she was handed over to another purchaser and all the persons committed rape on her. The name of first purchaser is Sandeep and Sandeep sold her to Madan. He sought intervention of the Commission. The Commission while taking cognizance of the complaint made number of recommendations to the Govt. of Assam for its compliance to stop the trafficking of women and children in Assam. Joint Secretary, Home & Political Department, Govt. of Assam vide communication dated 29.8.2017 has submitted an action taken report on all the nine recommendations made by the Commission. In the said report, it has been informed that an Anti Human Trafficking Units (AHTUs) have been created and operational in all the districts of the State to effectively combat crimes related to trafficking of persons specially women and children. All the field level officers under the control of State Labour Commission  have been instructed for proper enforcement and implementation of the provision of Inter-State Migration Workers Act, 1979. A bill namely, “Assam Private Placement Agencies for Recruitment of Workers (Regulation) Bill, 2017” to stop human trafficking has been initiated and is under process for finalization. The State Government in Social Welfare Department has State Run Homes, where women in distress, destitute, victims of exploitation are provided with free shelter, food and vocational training for rehabilitation. It has also been informed that the Labour Commissioner, Assam has already made correspondence with the counterparts of other states for better coordination and exchange of information regarding migrant workers. A MoUs with other states in respect of Inter-State Migrant Workers is also in process. The Commission has considered the action taken report on recommendations of the Commission submitted by the State Government and is of the view that the State Government has taken steps to control the human trafficking in the State and also hope that a bill initiated by the State Government to stop human trafficking in the state will be finalized shortly. Hence, no further intervention of the Commission is required in the matter. 

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