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Friendship and humanity between India and Germany, Varanasi and Remscheid could be built

Congratulation to Helma Ritscher ji for Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany is awarded to domestic and foreign citizens for political, economic, social and spiritual achievements as well as for all special services to the Federal Republic of Germany, for example in the social and charitable field. It is the highest recognition that the Federal Republic gives for services to the common good.

Her Speech at the ceremony for awarding me with the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class on April 9. 2018

Dear Attendees,
when I was informed about being awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany I was first speechless and then deeply moved. The idea to receive such a prestigious award for my engagement in the Indo-German Society Remscheid never crossed my mind. And this award is not meant for me alone.

No, you, my dear invited guests – representing our country, our city of Remscheid, the Indo-German Society, its local chapter in Remscheid and my family and friends – are also, like me, recipients of this award. This naturally includes all friends, supporters and companions who can’t be present here today.

We also share this award with our long-standing friend and partner in India, Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and his human rights organization PVCHR. I know that he is with us today in his thoughts.

After receiving this prestigious award through the honorable State Secretary Mrs. Andrea Milz, it’s a great pleasure to personally express my gratitude to you present and to our partner in India.
Thank You!

All of you always stood by me in my engagement through the Indo-German Society for a better understanding of the Indian culture and especially for the under-privileged in India. Because of your support this bridge of friendship and humanity between India and Germany, Varanasi and Remscheid could be built. Thus I’m even more deeply moved by this recognition and appreciation of our work through this award by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.
My sincere thanks to him.

To whom do I owe the honor of been selected and recommended for this award?
I want to extend my sincerest thanks to this particular friend who is here today but wants to remain anonymous. It’s more than a gesture; it’s a true present to us all. Thank You!
I know he made this decision because he is deeply convinced and truly appreciates our work.

Now I want to sincerely thank my dear family, who has always supported me with all their might so that I could follow my heart,

I’ve accepted this award as an honorable recognition which I do not just keep in a box. This award stands for a living message which needs to be passed on. Without expecting anything.
It will remain my endeavor to engage myself in the understanding among nations. And to continue to sensitize not only our children for the values of a democratic society which only makes a peaceful co-existence possible.

This is the message of the Federal Cross of Merit, an inheritance to be preserved. Today I will entrust you, my dear grand-daughter Esther-Anna, with this legacy.

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