Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Experence of Ms. Rabina Chaudhary, F.K Fellow

The only source of knowledge is experience; experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first the lesson afterward.

 I spent Four month in Bagwanala, Varanasi. Those four months passed like four days. It seems like yesterday we had arrived there. The love, support and hospitality of PVCHR was adorable. This motivation, support and encouragement will always push me to work hard in a tough situation. We spent this 4 months working in issue of human right and community base. As a representative of INSEC and FK fellow, 2018 .

Those period of 4 month I got chance to work with wonderful people and knew that importance of team work. During the exchange I had work there by knowing and sharing human right status and issues. During the exposure to Lucknow, Delhi we also met some respected personalities who had worked a lot in the sector of human rights. We also got immense opportunity to have meaningful interaction with them. We also did several community visits during this period. Altogether we visited different communities. Some community were facing child issues where some were having women issues some were fighting with malaria where some were with starvation. 

 Being socially concerned human we conducted several interactions and meetings raising those issues. Not only that we also distributed mosquito net to household with the help of PVCHR.  The smile of that community will always remind me to help needy people.  We also conducted mini youth camp where more than 40 youths were there. We shared about youth basic knowledge about human right, Youth leadership, education and youth role of community development. After completed mini youth camp, I felt happy , finally  done after facing some challenges .

I must thank god for providing me such a fabulous colleagues and mentors.  The dedication and support from Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, Shruti Nagvanshi, Shrin Shabhana Khan and whole team of PVCHR was outstanding and . They taught us many more knowledge .They will always remain in my heart. The love from many communities was really adorable. I can easily call it my next home. Thank you for being so caring and lovable. 

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