Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nandi Gram’s incident and patriarchy: statement of Shruti from Varanasi,UP,India

Nandi Gram’s incident and patriarchy: statement of Shruti from Varanasi,UP,India
Communist Party of India (Marxist) has gone far ahead in Nandigram, East Midnapur district, West Bengal state, India to establish chemical plant of a multinational company and to strengthen the roots of other multinational companies in West Bengal by inflicting indiscriminate violence against the villagers and illegally dispossessing the poor peasants from their lands. Through democratic means people’s power is vested into the government for their welfare and security but CPM government is acting as an agent of multinationals and using the power given by the people against the common people of the state. Now it has been clear beyond any doubt that for the benefit of few people West Bengal government is brutally suppressing the demands of the people and inflicting all sorts of violence against the poor people. It is unfortunate that it is being done by a leftist government that boasts to be a party of workers and peasants.

To terrorize the people, State government of west Bengal is taking resort to all those means which can not be imagined in any civilized society. We are shocked to know that in Nandigram, the women who were protesting peacefully against the acquisition of their lands were brutally assaulted, raped and then killed. Rape against women in Nandigrame is nothing but one of the ways deliberately exercised by the police force and CPM activists to terrorise the people in favour of the benefit of the multinational company. It is a matter of great shame that the CPM women’s wing, which is very powerful and has its membership in millions, did nothing and kept silent for the violence committed against women by the state government led by CPM.

In 21st century when people from all corners of the world are reaching on a consensus that the women should be given equal opportunity and freedom so that they could be able to take decision about their life and could be able to resist against the patriarchal supremacy. But so called progressive and communists in India are still involved into oppression of women and playing with the dignity of women. It is unfortunate that the CPM is doing the same thing to crush the voice of women and it is really a matter of great concern for all those women’s organizations who work for the upliftment of the women in India.

Shruti is founding member of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and Managing Trustee of Jan Mitra Nyas.
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