Thursday, May 31, 2007

Open letter to Governor of Gujrat,India

Sri Naval Kishore Sharma
The Honorable Governor of Gujarat

The People's Vigilance committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) would like to draw your attention to some of the very vital problems of Gujarat haunting the state and taking a very ugly turn in an alarming scale.

The Soharabuddin encounter case

The Govt. Gujarat has submitted all the documents related to the fake encounter of Soharabuddin and admitted the murder of Kasur Bano. The Gujarat Govt. too admitted in the Gujarat State Assembly that Sohrabuddin was an ordinary criminal & not a member of Lashkar-e-Toiba in last November, 2006. The Govt. of Gujarat is taking all the measures to show the SC just to avoid the CBI enquiry. The SC too finds enquiry in right path. Once the SC said no to CBI enquiry, the Govt. of Gujarat breathed a sigh of relief and there after started all kinds of hurdles for the enquiring officer Ms. Geeta Johri. As a result she is reluctant to proceed further as she is not getting any co-operation rather facing hurdle in each step. Even she has gone to the extent of asking for CBI enquiry. The duality of the state Govt. in this case has been nakedly exposed.
Moreover the BJP and the Sangh Parivar has launched a serious campaign & released the CD defending the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin and trying to create a cult figure around Vanjhara. The local film channels are showing movies justifying the fake encounter by the police, where the human right bodies, courts are ridiculed.
An atmosphere has been created to create halla gulla that if the case is transferred to CBI,alleging that the Central Government is interfering in the state affair. A public psychology is created in an alarming scale.
Baroda in Turmoil
The trail of the vandalism in the faculty of Fine Arts of M.S.University finally did not leave the Muslim community. They were provoked at the nude painting of Prophet Mohammed by an unknown scrupulous element in the University campus. The naked painting of Prophet Mohammed was done deliberately to provoke the Muslim Community. The senate member of the M.S.University Shri Deepak Shah declared a prize of one lac rupee cash who can dare to paint Prophet Mohammed in nude. The Muslim community raised objection before the authority but the administrative authority did not bother to take any measures and Shri Deepak Shah was allowed to move freely without being charged by the police. It is very shocking to see the desperate Muslim came out in open protest with the portraits of Osama Bin Laden. Of course this act has been condemned by the Muslim Community immediately. Instead of finding a solution to control and calm down the wounded Muslims the police & the administration taken repressive measure making the situation more volatile.
The law and order situation
The law and order situation in the State is in shamble. Day by day rapes and murders are increasing. The rape of murder of a girl belonging to Koli community in Junagadh has caused strong public resentmentcreate and now taking a political turn. This shameful incident is the mirror of the State. Thefts and loots have become a very common phenomenon. The securities of the senior citizens are in danger. They are looted and killed. Suicide for economic as well as the social reason too has become routine affair. The State which was enjoying the social security years back has been totally destroyed. The criminalisation apart from the existing communalization of the society, administration, and police is endangering the very fabric of democracy.
This State Govt. is relaxing the Prohibition Policy in the name of SEZ & investment which will push the State towards criminalization where women will become the worst victim.
Now as the election for the Assembly is nearing. The political atmosphere is taking very ugly turn fragmenting the society. The show of strength of Sri Narendra Modi led meetings and conferences and the Yatra of Congress and their utterances are creating more social cleavage detrimental to the democracy.

Apart from it the condition of the unorganized workers are in a pitiable condition. The workers are devoid of any kind of legal rights.

The education has been totally thrown to the market forces encouraged by the Govt. The attack on education will have a severe consequence in the social as well as cultural fabric of the society and break the moral backbone of the coming generation.

There are many more problems taking away the life, bread and spirit of the people
.In a democracy it is the duty of the Govt. to protect the citizens from all kinds of insecurity.

The PVCHR urge upon you to take measures to provide all out protection and security to the people of Gujarat

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