Monday, July 21, 2008

Crime and Indian politics: The Nation at Cross Roads

Crime and Indian politics: The Nation at Cross Roads
Data on Criminals in the Indian Parliament
Pawan Rana/Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi 20/7/2008 11:33:31 PM(IST)

The Nuclear deal has once again raised curtain from the National Political character. The debate, on such a crucial issue, has taken a backseat. To Seek or to let Not seek the Trust vote, mud throwing has come to the forefront. All dirty tactics/ politicking are being openly attempted. Jailed MPs are being bailed out to participate in the Trust vote. The nexus between Corporates and the Political parties has surfaced. Deliberately or ignorantly where are we heading to? What traditions are we establishing? The nation is at Cross-Roads.

In such a political scenario, we need to re-look into composition of our Lok Sabha. Such retrospection would only provide direction to our future politics.

Presently, out of the total 543 MPs, 120 or 22.1% have criminal cases pending against them. Among major parties, the BJP has 29 MPs with a criminal record, the Indian National Congress (INC) 24, the SP 11, RJD 8, CPM 7, BSP 7, NCP 5 and CPI 2. Of them, Six (6) are in Jail, charged with heinous crimes such as murder and kidnapping.

The number of cases of serious crimes is 333, with several MPs having multiple cases. If we look at violent crimes like murder, attempt to murder, robbery, dacoity, kidnapping, theft and extortion, rape, other violent crimes like assault using dangerous weapons or causing grievous hurt, the Samajwadi Party (SP) leads with 80 cases, followed by BSP 43, BJP 17, INC 16, RJD 9, CPM 5, CPI 1, NCP 2. Other crimes like cheating, fraud, forgery, giving false oaths to public officials and so on have BSP 23, RJD 22, INC 21, BJP 11, SP 11 and CPM 6.

In addition, few more, while serving the nation as MPs, were caught for inhumane crimes such as women trafficking, following corrupt practices for raising questions in the Parliament, etc, etc.., which definitely is not a indicator of any better situation.

The ‘National Election Watch Network’ urges all political parties to put up cleaner and more capable candidates to enable voters to choose from.

The Election Watch Network, as part of All India level campaign, will continue to disseminate information on present MPs and Candidates for the forthcoming General Elections.

In this national campaign, Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) gives a call for cooperation to all intellectuals, social workers and citizens of the country. So that the country’s electorate be empowered to check increasing criminalization and corruption in Politics. And, lay the foundation of clean politics in the country

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