Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year 2009 to rule of law and people's democracy

2009:A Year for Rule of Law and People's Democracy

Where on one hand Communal Facism,corruption and state as well as non-state terror in absolute collapse the rule of law in most of the countries along with India , on the other hand the people are dying from starvation. Whether it is attack over tribals and dalit in Kandhmal or terrorist attack in Mumbai, all are challanging the rule of law completely or proving the absence of rule of law. These situations are caused by the alliance of corruption, harrassment,organized violance and police torture.

In these circumstances the new year 2009 should be dedicated to enforce rule of law and to strengthen people's democracy. The human right of people can not be protected untill the people are not included in power of State by abolishing the curruption, harrassment,organized violance and police totrure through establishment of rule of law and peoples' centric democracy and till then we would not be able to encounter terrorism.

Come let us take oath to dedicate this new year 2009 to rule of law and people's democracy and also show our commitment to continue struggle for people's democracy and rule of law in whole of the year.

with best wishes for New Year 2009.

PVCHR core group and core team

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