Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Petition to Prime Minister of India

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dateMon, Dec 1, 2008 at 8:03 PM
subjectPetiton and appeal

Dear Honorable Prime Minister,
Greetings from PVCHR, Varanasi, UP.

PVCHR is membership organization ,where we have our fifty thousand members.

We condemn the terrorist attack in Mumbai.This is the failure of rule of law and participatory democracy due to the corrupt system and lack of social democracy .

Thaere is no need of new law like POTA, but we need to establish the rule of law and scientific,non -corrupt and pro-people policing in our country..

Please do needful immediately..

With kind regards,

Dr. Lenin (Ashoka Fellow and 2007 Gwanju Human Rights Awardee)

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Mberenis said...

The prime minister is making it better for us already! Most people don't realize how much money there is out there. During economic times like this, there is more money to be had than ever. Because of the bailouts and economy, lenders are bending over backwards to bail you out too. Believe it or not, there is people getting tons of cheap money nowdays to start businesses, buy homes, pay off debt, and more. Bailout is for YOU