Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit of PVCHRs' convenor to Remschied,Germany in the eye of local media

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Friday 5. June 2009-06-09
A visitor from India- School finished soon

The chairwoman of the German-Indian Society (Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft) Remscheid Helma Ritscher is not able to say “Thank you” often enough. She is still full of joy because of the generous donations given by some sponsors. With this money the foundation stone for a school in the Indian village of Baghawanala has been laid. In January Ritscher will be going to India to inaugurate the finished building.
Yesterday the never tired fighter for the rights of Dalit people- a population stratum, which is situated at the margins of society- had a second reason to be joyful: Together with the Lord Mayor Beate Wilding and with the sponsors she received Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi from Varanasi in the tower room of the town hall. Like Ritscher, he and his Human Rights Organisation “PVCHR” are fighting for the rights of the Dalit people. Raghuvanshi is looking after the school construction in the field. Because of the education-and social projects which the German-Indian Society has mounted, the town of Remscheid is known to many people in his area. They are very proud to receive help from the west. “This is also increasing their self esteem” Raghuvanshi told during the reception. He gave profuse thanks to the sponsors and explained about the progress of the project. By now five teachers have expressed their interest to work at the new school.
The German-Indian Society is already thinking about going one step further and has made plans for the next project. Helma Ritscher: “We want to build a house for the weavers where they can receive medical care and where they are educated to take care of their existence alone.

Saturday 6. June 2009

Famous in India
Remscheid is very famous in his home India, Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi told at the town hall of Remscheid. He has visited the Bergische Land for to days to meet with project partners of his Human Rights Organisation PVCHR (People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights). After reception by Lord Mayor Beate Wilding, Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi visited the playschool of the Booster Club for Intercultural Education (Förderverein für Interkulturelle Erziehung IKE). This cooperation exists since 2007 and with its help a playschool in the Indian village of Shivrampur has been built. The playschool is meant for children belonging to the lowest castes.
Yesterday’s program for the Human Rights Activist was a visit of the Röntgen secondary school (Röntgen-Gymnasium). Since the beginning of 2006 its pupils and teachers are working together with Dr. Raghuvanshi. At present a school is build in the village of Baghawanala with the help of Remscheid based sponsors. It shall be finished till the beginning of 2010. The Contact came into being by the Remscheid branch of the German-Indian Society (Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft).

Visit to Remschied,Germany

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