Thursday, June 14, 2012

Urgent Appeal for Central Legislatio n of SCSP and TSP

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Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 9:02 AM
Subject: Urgent Appeal for Central Legislatio n of SCSP and TSP
To: Harsh Mander <>, Farah Naqvi <>,
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Shri. Harsh Mander- Joint Convenor                                                                         9 June 2012

Ms. Farah Naqvi  - Joint Convenor

Working Group-Dalit Issues

National Advisory Council, Govt. Of India

2 Moti Lal Nehru Place,

Akbar Road,

New Delhi -110011.


Dear Shri Harsh Mander and Ms. Farah Naqvi,


We would like to express thanks to the Working Group Dalit Issues – National Advisory Council for the 'Draft Recommendations containing Essential Elements of the Implementation Framework of Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan (SCSP)'.They detail the institutional arrangements for central and state governments, the required planning process, preparation of Annual Plans, appraisals by the ministries or Nodal departments, Non-divertability and Non-lapsability of SCSP funds and the Monitoring required. We welcome these recommendation.

However, Dalit leaders, human rights and other civil society organisations are extremely disappointed that the NAC working Group Dalit Issues has ignored the earlier recommendation for a  Central Legislation for the SCSP.

We would like to remind the Working Group on Dalit Issues of NAC that similar guidelines have already been issued by the Planning Commission (vide D.O. No.M-13011/3/2005-SP-Co, dated October 31, 2005)  more than 6 years ago. Despite the Guidelines there was a colossal denial of allocations and diversions and notional allocations of funds to SCSP. In the XIth Plan period(2007-08 till 2011-12), in the Central Govt Budget there was a denial of allocation of funds to the tune of Rs. Cr.1,42,865.20 to the SCSP and TSP as there was no accountability of the concerned ministries nor of the Planning Commission.

This gross and willful negligence of State and its functionaries towards SCs and STs in matters of their economic development is clearly due to the lack of a legislation building entitlements in the SCSP.

We, representing several Dalit and Human Rights Organisations therefore, strongly urge the Working Group Dalit Issues of National Advisory Council to recommend for a Central Legislation as part of the Reforms for Scheduled Castes Sub Plan currently being drafted.

Thanking you and With Regards

Dr.Lenin and Shruti

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