Thursday, May 23, 2013

Defamation of Human Rights defenders of PVCHR

The Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of India
New Delhi

Subject: In reference to unethical and objectionable comments about an institution leading to severe mental harassment.

 Dear sir,

People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) is working in the field of human rights which involves advocacy for the rights of women, children and other deprived sections of the society and creating social transformation for just,plural society based on democracy,non -violence,rule of law and secularism. Our organization has been taking initiatives to intervene on behalf of the victims of domestic violence. The organization has taken up the case of Ms. Sapana Chaurasia who filed a case of her persistent mental and physical harassment by her husband Mr. Sunil Gupta under domestic violence law. With the intention of taking revenge our orgasation’s Director has been continuously receiving threatening calls by Ms.Sapna Chaurasia’s husband Mr. Sunil Gupta and additionally higher government officials have been threatening the director on telephone to not to intervene on behalf of Ms. Sapana in her case.   Mr. Sunil Gupta also filed a false case in Uttar Pradesh High Court in which court gave its decision in favour of the organization. Ms. Sapana, wife of Mr. Sunil Gupta has made her statement before the senior police officials that her life is under threat from Mr. Sunil Gupta. In spite of this Mr. Sunil Gupta is using unethical means to put pressure on me and the director of the organization so that our organization can be forced not to represent Sapana’s case to get her justice.

Sunil Gupta has been writing on the social networking site Face book ( that our organisaiton has kept Sapana as a hostage. Whereas the fact is that Sunil Gupta’s wife has willingly decided to live with her sister.  Ms. Sapana Chaurasia has already recorded her statement before the honorable High Court on which the honorable High Court has given clear directions while recognizing that Sapana Chaurasia has the right and freedom to live in a place of her choice.

Whereas Ms. Sapana has made recorded statements before the court and top police officials on many occasions that her husband Mr. Sunil Gupta had attempted to kill her in the past and her life is still under threat.

On 24th April, 2013 three unidentified person forcibly entered the house of the director of the organization Mr. Lenin and fired on him with the intention to kill. It is believed that the assault was motivated and stage-managed by Mr. Sunil Gupta.

Now, Mr. Sunil Gupta has started using unethical means. On 14 May,2013 Mr. Sunil Gupta wrote objectionable comments about the managing trustee of the organization in  the social networking site Face Book, the comments were aimed at assassinating the  character of a woman, a criminal offence under Indian law. The act is not only distressing and disturbing for a woman but also for the organization. Above all, it is feared that Mr. Sunil Gupta can resort to any other unfair means against the organization to harm in future. A complaint regarding that an FIR no: 418/13, section 66 G, 66 H, 67 B under the IT Act.

Mr. Sunil Gupta has also written in the social networking site Face Book that he and his wife face the danger of being killed to mislead whereas his wife her herself state before the court and other officials that her life is under threat particularly from Mr. Sunil Gupta.

The most disturbing and alarming fact is that Mr. Sunil Gupta is not educated to the extent that he can manage a social networking site in such a manner. Therefore it is feared that someone else or a third party may be involved who is instigating Mr. Sunil Gupta to use illegal means not permitted under law.

It is therefore requested that the matter should be taken seriously and Mr. Sunil Gupta should be arrested for writing unethical comments without any concrete evidences and he should be interrogated in case of physical assault on the director of the organization. It   is also requested that after tracing his IP address and those involved in the act of defaming the organisation should be arrested.

The above shows the site which carries Sunil Gupta’s comments and photographs used by him. He has also made comments about the marriage of the sister of the director saying that marriage party is a travesty and against Indian customs.

Shruti Nagvanshi

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