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My statement in case of attempt to mine murder:Lenin Raghuvanshi

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My statement in case of attempt to mine murder
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PVCHR ED Sun, May 12, 2013 at 8:45 PM

To:,, DIG Police ComplaintCell Lucknow , IG Zone Police Varanasi , UP Police Computer Cetre Lucknow , "A.K. Parashar" ,
Bcc: Human Rights Defenders Programme , "DR.Lenin" , Hrd-ra OHCHR ,, DIG Varanasi ,, 

Investigation office is not coming in FIR.Crime no. 359/13 under section 307, 452, 343 and 325 of Indian Penal Code in Police sattion Cantt,Varanasi.

We went to intensive investigation of our doubt and found Sunil Kumar Gupta is behind the attempt to murder.We supported case of his wife suffering with domestic violence by Sunil Gupta. Due to our intervention and tireless effort of non-violence approach,police filed FIR againt Sunil.See link: Sunil filed a Hebeus Corpus against me,which is based on wrong and manipulated facts.First time High Court issued notice to non-state actor in Habeus Corpus in my knowledge. High Court gave order in our favour. See link:

 I issued Urgent appeal on 25 January 2013.Please see link: I writes, " I fully understand that the police-mafia nexus might make attempt to kill me or my family members or try to get me trapped in bogus case. I have been threatened so on December 20, 2012 and January 16, 2013.
Therefore, I request that I, my family, Sapna Chaurasia and her family be protected and a probe should be conducted at high level by the CBCID or CBI due to involvement of corrupts in all sectors such as media, police, NGOs, lawyers, relatives etc, because I received many calls and advises from them to withdrawal my petition and support. First time in my life, I am feeling that my death is so near. I believe in life before death like Jesus, so I am going to fight up to my death against corrupt and patriarchal elements. If I will be died, please support to people of PVCHR and provide care to my son. It is my testimony on the birthday of my son Kabeer karunik on 24 January 2013."

Lenin Raghuvanshi
SA 4/2 A, Daualtpur, Varanasi-221002

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