Monday, December 22, 2014

Link of masculinity with corrupt part of police and culture of silence with impunity

On 18th December, 2014 three people (Babudan, Pappu and Gappu) burnt 20 years old Shama (name changed) by lighting fire and throwing kerosene in her own house C15/50K-2, Mata Kund, Lallapura under Sigra jurisdiction of Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. Shama is more than 70 % burnt and now under treatment in Shiv Prasad Gupta (district hospita), Kabir Chaura Varanasi. The medical legal report (MLC) shows Derino- epiderma burn involving whole body except head, front of chest and middle part of back and both foot. It also identifies smell of kerosene.

This incidence does not execute in a day but Shama was every - day faced molestation from 13th June, 2014 onwards. She studied in Rajkiya Balika Inter College (Government Intermediate College). When I go to school these three people (Babu, Pappu and Gappu) tease me and molest me and give threat. Every day I inform to my mother about the incidence. One day my mother took me to Sigra police station but our woe was not heard. We return backed and I was nervous.

We complaint to District Magistrate, Senior Superintendent of Police and S.P but did not received any action from the concerned authorities. So, I left my study and involved myself in learning stitching clothes. Here also I was followed by these people. They snatch my dupatta and I started to scream to save my dignity. They throw Gamcha (cotton clothes) and I fainted and fall in the ground. They torn my clothes. Anyhow I save my dignity and ran away to my house. I informed to my parents and they took me Sigra police station where I informed all woes. Instead of lodging FIR against the perpetrator the Sigra police station filed FIR against me, my parent (Mohd. Amin and Kuraisa).
On 8th December, 2014 Shama parents came to PVCHR and immediately after taking statement letter was sent to Director General of Police, Senior Superintendent of Police, Varanasi, National Human Rights Commission, Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh and National Human Rights Commission.

The statement of Shama parents clarifies that Babudeen s/o Umar Misti, Gabbu s/o Umar Misti and Pappu s/o Bachau, Kaluwa are the informant of the police. They live 24 hours in police station washing the clothes and cooking food for cops. These people many times entered in the house of Shama and demanded for the ransom. Several times they complaint but they were not heard due to their influence.

Shama Mother (Kuraisa) said “On 9th December, 2014 around 9 pm in the night these people entered in my house taking the name of my daughter. When I refused then they started to sexual abuse my child and started to throw stone in my house. They threat if I will not allow my daughter to go along with them then they will burn her face by throwing acid. On 11thDecember, 2014 to Inspector General of Police (IG) and 12th December, 2014 I sent letter toInspector General of Police (IG), Varanasi zone and station Officer, Sigra.

On basis of the news published in various newspaper on 20th December, 2013 PVCHR intervened to National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, National Commission for Minorities, New Delhi, National Women Commission , Prime Minister, Government of India, Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Director General of Police (DGP). On same day these perpetrator were arrested after FIR lodged by the police.

In 2009 Sigra police arrested Shama brother along with two people. Police claimed the seizers of six mother bike and two guns. Police also claimed that her brother fired bullet on them. But police was unable to prove all this in court and his brother was released with respect. Shama brother released after spending six month in Jail. Again next day he was arrested with charges of gangster. His brother released on bail on gangster and implicated with Gunda Act. From 2009 till now police imposed nine cases on Shama brother.

It is a clear case of link of masculinity with corrupt part of police and culture of silence with impunity.

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