Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mushars Folk School in belwa village-




Eight children died from male nutritution Last year in the belwa village.

Most of them they have been struggling very hard due to male nutrition.

They had taken birth but they had to sleep forever. Apart from it Mushars people deliberately has not been aware about the government planning.

Probably if they understand about the government planning then it certain that they can improve their economic status as much as it's possible for them. If information provided to them then they will set free from the bondage of slavery and they can make themselves more confident as well.   They people made a strategy for Mushars they are migrated in the south part of the village due to being untouchable cost. They have been became accustomed to leaving under the bondage of slavery now they have been became tired and wanted to get rid of them.  






                                 Now today they are reading in folk school and they are getting all the information from the folk school. After taking the mid day meal they return back to home and diligently concentrated on their study at the home and most of them who went on the work when they return from the work they takes mid day meal and education between 1 to 2 pm.when they return to home in the afternoon they concentrates on their study for that they already prepared themselves. The woman's have been making eating plates and there is one thing, which is very praisable in them they learnt very fast this work rather than man. A number of children they are learning so many skills from their elders and right now they are going to school for perceiving education. Most of them they are learning very fast from the PVCHR as well.      



                                    The starting of folk school in every day by repeating oath letter and every body has to sign on the oath letter as well. Mr. Virendra Singh and Mr. Lavtu prassad and Mr. Suvedhar prassad they people are teaching them. For the live telecast NDTV recorded all the activities related to folk school in dated 8 th of august 07. When it asked to the children that you are gathering here then how you are feeling about it then just Kissmatti Mushars said that I did have any opportunity for education in childhood but now we want become educated therefore we can understand our law and order whenever we are going in government department some time we fail to understand what is rules and regulation if we will educated then we can make to understand it. Gaharu Mushars said that I had gone once time in school and that aristocratic children has attack on my head after that I never went to the school that is why there was bios feeling among the people but now we have got the opportunity and I am learning everything without any fear. Now we have been became tired to do work like breaking leaf and making eating plates. We want be out from this dangerous jobs. If some body provided us different job hopefully we want to that.     






                                             Rajkumar Mushar told that we have a lot of biasness in the society because of this we want know our rights the we can read and write anything. Thus it seems to us Mushars people are very hopeful to taking their education. They wanted to know that all the information about law and rights. They have positives views towards their life. First time self-confidence emerged among the people of Mushars community and they are thinking about their next generation more over they are looking very confident. They have to gather on every Sunday here because still PVCHR making planning to give them knowledge about the bonded labour and SC/ST law, arresting law and in the reference of woman rights and law and child marriages and sex violence. All the information will have given from the right manner to them. Apart from it information will have given about the great man woman of India like wise Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Joti Ba Fuley, Kabeer, Raidas and Gautam Budha as well.      






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