Tuesday, August 28, 2007

State level Meeting on the issues of weavers

State level Meeting on the issues of weavers

Date- 23-07-07 Place- Hotel Gomti, Luck now

On 23rd July, 2007 , there was a brain storming consultation on the issues of weavers, the consultation was chaired by honorable member of planning commission Dr. Syeda Hameed. In this consultation Assistant Development Commissioner Handlooms India Government, Dr. D. S. Gangwar, Mr. R. C. Jhamtani, Ms. Gulshannanda Chairperson of Craft council of India, Dr. Lenin, Convener of  P.V.C.H.R., Ms. Arundhati Dhuru, Advisor to Food Commissioner of Supreme Court, Mr. Baddruddin, Leader, Weavers federation, Mr. Bijo Francis, South Asia Desk Officer, Asian Human Rights Commission Hong-Kong, Mr. Siddique Bhai, Convener of Bunkar-Dastkar Adhikar Manch, and many other delegates from weaving community and relevant government officers participated there in consultation. After the brain storming session, the declarations are under mentioned:

·       Government has to declare emergency for weaving community in Varanasi and surrounding.

·       Stop dealing the beneficiary schemes through private sector it should be implemented by government institutions.

·       Government should Open sell depot of silk and provide credits.

·       All handloom weavers in crisis are needy of Antyodaya cards government should provide cards to them as soon as possible.

·       Strict implementation of Handloom and power loom marks (symbol of produce).

·       Special schemes for women weavers would go a long way in encouraging higher and better contribution from women weavers/entrepreneurs and female members of weaver families.

·       Revision and revive of cluster scheme in context pro-weavers and artisans.

·       Government should check the import of readymade saris.

·       Government has to organize clothes/silk carnival for promoting handloom products and advertisement of the handloom products.

·       Government finance institute should provide soft loans to weavers.

·       NIFT and NIFD have to open their branches nearby weaver's majority area.

·       Government should open ICDS Centre as per the order of Supreme Court by priority to weavers.

·       Government should allocate special budget for reviving weaving industry of handloom.

·       Government should open new schools and health centers for the children of weaver's families.

·       Implementation of recommendations of Sacchar committee.   

·       Registration of Varanasi weaving industry under Geographical indicator.


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