Tuesday, August 28, 2007


·       A weaver committed suicide in Benipur Village, on last 12th of June 07.


There is socking news that a man who was a weaver have committed suicide the name was Neeraj. The Breaking news has came out. He has taken poison on last 12 th June of taking dangerous herbs he had renounced his life. There was weaving work always running at their home, Everybody doing the work like weaving and it was story of very close village Benipur, Navajakpura, very closed to Nageypur. There was a lot of people who were doing the job like weaving and many other works. Most probably they have seen. Weaving saries and sending if to Lohata and most of the people. Leaving in the village side area they started working in city.

          There is a poor family of a weaver; there were three sons of death. Weaver Neeraj & father the first son is Ramashankar and third one was Neeraj. Neeraj was very youngest brother of the three Aliar is the father of Neeraj who have been suffering from. Leprosy in his hand, the can not do anything, earlier. Two brothers were doing that weaving work but when the business was down, then they had been made the separation from the family and they were leaving separate from the family and they had taken the responsibilities of their family weaver. Neeraj was only leaving his parents and other two sons had been separated from the family. By the help of weaving they have been surviving their life, Neeraj was a professionally. A weaver and he was bachelor, when gradually weaving works going to be end. Then Neeraj sxpanded sometime at his home and the sometime, they could not afford the expanses of their family they had sold there. There was two Bissa land for surviving their life, they wanted to improve their family conditions but it could not be possible for him them after that they had been become hopeless to taking family expenses as well apart from it Neeraj had taken the burden of his family. Hence again on the 11 th June.  

          He was searching job there but unfortunately he has not found the work. Then he come towards the home and unfortunately he had survived poisonous herbs in the way then he was become serious then he had admitted in the Indian Hospital at Rajatalab. But yet when he has become serious, then again he admitted by some people in the Banaras Hindu University Hospital (B.H.U.) where Neeraj has renounce his life forever.

          There was a very bad condition of that weaver and the condition was as much as bad. When Neeraj has died there were no any mummy clothes for his last ceremony or last presentation of the world.

          People has collected the money from the others people and then at last they burned his body at the crematorium.

          The weavers family had, only three rooms. It is sad on the name of family because Aliar is the owner of house and he has a white card.

          But really they should have red card the death weaver of Neeraj's parents. His real age are 60 to 62 after that, apart from it they had been getting their old pension to survive and they wanted to save their life anyhow.

          Now they still had not been received any kind of help from district administration.

          It is as said by local people of the village, that there was a lot of saries production in Benipur. But when the business of saries has fall. The man who has been doing the work of weaving they have been facing the financial problem and thousands of weavers they are escaping from that place now they are doing the jobs like breaking stone and hills.


·     Five children died due to Diarrhea in Lohata (Dhamariya)

In Lohata 5 children died due to diarrhea and more than dozens are fighting for life and administration is doing hell. Our colleague who is also a weaver reported us after survey that here in Lohata 5 children died and many are still fighting for life. He called to a press reporter of Daily newspaper named Hindustan for this. Hindustan publish this news with photograph that in Lohata diarrhea is proving his devil face he took the life of 5 children and peoples are leaving Lohata for saving their souls. Severs are flowing on road water is contaminated and no any medical aid is provided there by health and medical department.      



When our activist contacts with local reporter of daily Hindi newspaper then administration woke up and start acting. During this action 5 corrupt employees are suspended and medical people starts camping there for cure and trying to control the situation up to the three weeks with the help of five doctors and other staffs. Water board starts water supplying by tankers because pipelines have leakage at many places. Water board started maintain of pipeline, overhead tank cleaned by water board peoples now water supplying start properly. CMO told to the peoples for not drinking pipeline water drink only tankers water after adding the tablet of chlorine, if any one has seen the symptom of diarrhea then immediate start drinking Oral Rehydration Solution. After the struggle of one week situation turns normal. After this sub center become activated. Earlier PVCHR and Bunkar Dastakaar Adhikar Manch tried for activation by complaining and agitation but administration didn't take attention, they people were waiting for causalities.

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