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Hypocrisy of upper caste Hindus

Dear All,
Greetings on the birthday of Baba Saheb.
There is question with all development agencies and campaigners that why they are not supporting the death threats and attack on PVCHR. Why they are supporting the upper caste hindus who have linkage with anti-dalit Rajendra Tiwari or they are not giving the right to choice to their family members? Look under mentioned forwarded email, in which campaign on rachana abused me and police department started inquiry against cyber crime.

Why development agencies supporting the this type of hypocrat? Rachana caught by police and she told that she ran away due to lack of right to choice in family.

Please read carefully and understand the communal,upper caste hindus nexus in UP and racketing by anti-ambedakarist .

with wamregards,

uppcc@up.nic.in" hide details Feb 25
to Lenin Raghuvanshi
date Feb 25, 2008 3:21 PM
subject Re: Response on Lenin letter: politics of solidarity by upper caste hindus

Thank you for writing to us. Your complaint has been send to IG complaint cell of DGP UP at 1 Tilak Marg Lucknow for further action. Your are requested to wait for reply or contact IG Complaint cell directly at control room tel no 0522-2208596. Your interaction is extremely valuable to us.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lenin Raghuvanshi
Date: Feb 24, 2008 10:21 PM

Cc: Campaign for Rachna and Santoshi

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On 23th February, 2008 I and various NGO received email from campaignforrachnaandsantoshi@yahoo.co.in but the name of sender was not mention. In that it was written that this letter is in reaction of my previous email. Let us see what email I send to Mr.Utkarsh –

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 03:30:19 -0800 (PST)

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Re: ACTION ALERT! Send fax to CM of UP rachana rai case

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Dear Utkarsh,

Greetings from PVCHR.

PVCHR sent the fax to CM,PM and DGP.Our three

activists participated in dmonstartion at Bhadohi

inthis case> I forwarded a petition to UN system also.

But in any our case ,CERT and Mr. V.K.Rai never

supported.I am feeling that due to my philosphical

understanding towards Dr. Ambedkar and my convesion in

to Buddhism are main problem for my discrimination in

this type of threat to us.

with warm regards,


Your email wrote, "we received a forwarded letter of Dr. Lenin. It is shocking. As far as we know, it has not been a tradition and not acceptable in any society including followers of Budhism to remind about the past in a crucial time, and thus negating the seriousness of the present. It is a general belief that great problems and sorrowness unite sufferers."

But contrary, from our organization 4 people went to participate in protest for Rachana even I did fax and forward email, but in reaction of my email which is based on friendly contradiction; you are alleging me that I retrenched the Dalit workers and sexually harassed one woman staff of my organization.

It is really amazing that through email you are saying so-called truth but why the name of campaigner and the address is not mentioned? It realized that it is defaming, assassination of my character and I am sending petition to DGP, UP for the enquiry under IT Act 2000.

Now come let us do scientific evaluation on the basis of facts :

1. Let see news published in Amar Ujala on 23rd September, 2003 (annexure 1) in the meeting of VOP General Secretary Mr.Dhirendra and Mr.V.K Rai were present and they protested and criticized the defamatory attempts by district administration and employers of bonded labour on VOP secretariat member, Dr. Lenin. Speaker said it is conspiracy to weaken the people's concern. When time comes defamer will get correct answer.

From this we can see in VOP meeting V.K Rai with Bindu and Dhirendrea accept the attempt of defamation of me through district administration and employers of bonded labour.

It is noted that after that in very important meeting of VOP as a historical event, I proposed an extraordinary move to remove Dhirendra from the post of GS of VOP and it was passed with majority. After that on 18th December, 2003 I wrote letter to Dhirendra that he and his Gangs with good connection with RSS people attack on my organization. It is well known that GS of VOP, Mr.Dhirendra received fifty one thousands rupees as advance for work of VOP from Jan Mitra Nyas, a public charitable trust of us and till date it was not returned.

As you wrote in letter that I terminated Dalit staffs, but till today I terminated two workers from upper caste after the investigation by an independent team and decision making from policy body of organization. Yes, people who are born in upper caste and OBCs Hindus associated with RSS accused me of harassment after giving resignation during the year 2003. These people formed an organization "Manav Vikas Evam Uthan Samiti" before giving resignation. The list of Management team is attached. (Annexure 2) On third number Mr. Shashi Dhar Issar Ji is and who is editor of Gandiv news paper and every body in Varanasi knows that he has very strong relation with RSS, a force of Hindu Fascism who is believe on line of Hitler. On second number on management committee is Lata Ji who is wife of ex-employee Mr.S.K Shah. Mr. S.Shah gave resignation on 8th October, 2003. (Annexure3) He wrote in his resigning letter that" My reason for resigning has nothing to do with the functioning of PVCHR/JMN or the behavior of my colleagues or the management of the Trust. I have no regrets and no complaints but I am very glad and satisfied that I got the opportunity to work two years in your esteemed organization. I have learnt a lot and will put them to very good use. -----------------However now, I have to leave, to join the Ram Janma Bhoomi Movement and work for the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra , in Akhand Bharat, So that the Hindu Society, can face the challenge and threat of Islamic Fundamentalism which I know will soon engulf our society."

Today in your email you accused me of the same charges which were clearly mentioned in the resignation letter of Salv Kumar Shah (S.K.Shah) on 8th October, 2003. Salv made sign of Swastik (Sign of Nazis) with map of India below his signature. You repeated the same charges in your email who were accused by followers of Hitler. It is noted that propaganda secretary of Hitler told," Tell a lie hundred times and convert it as truth in society".

It is well known that on 18th December, 2003 I wrote letter to Dhirendra alleging him that he is having relation with those people. It is also necessary to disclose that V.K. Rai and Dhirendra are running organization named "Vihan" and they are working together. On second side in the leadership of Salv, ex-staffs associated with RSS treated me badly in an office meeting for hanging photograph of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Saheb in our office. I always faced ill-treatment many times, because I accepted Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar as role model and accepted Buddhism.

Please note the news published in Hindustan Times on 4th August, 2002 which mentioned that my email Id and password was changed by one of staff. (Annexure 4)

I complained in NHRC. On my complain under case no. 18391/24/2002 – 2003 NHRC judgment was given in my favor. I wrote in my website (www.pvchr.org) "Our's truth have obviously been 'a thing contrary to the interest of men / women that have dominion' in our society .Therefore, we have never lacked for enemies who have been busy refuting, misrepresenting & vulgarizing us over the last many years. But we have suffered equally, perhaps more, at the hands of friends -- they have brought much grist to mills of enemies through their dogmatism, scientism, economism & much else besides."

It is clear that due to my Dalit perspective I was attacked both from inside and outside, and which is continuous going on.

2. It is written in your email, "it is a general belief that great problems and sorrow ness unite sufferers." You know that we are suffering with great problem. On raising the voice of hunger and malnutrition, I received threat on 4th December, 2007. Press conference of me on 8th December, 2007 was published in news paper. (Annexure 5)

This was not too sufficient even Chief Minister Bahan Mayawatiji in press conference on 4 December 2007 opposed my organization in the case of hunger and Times of India published a report. (Annexure 6)

After that Rajendra Tripathi alias Rajendra Tiwari filed case in Phulpur police station against me, three women activists and one Dalit activist of our organization under section 505 B IPC. AHRC and Frontline release Urgent Appeal.

See links:






But in UP, except Guria, VOP and Sonbhadra Vikas Samiti, no other organization was involved in protest campaign. I was also informed that police under 82-83 Cr.P.C. wants to attach my property and destroy PVCHR office. See link:


I surrendered my self in court but I did not receive any email except Utkarsh Sinha after the alert by Sant Vivek Das. AHRC and NDHR participated in our protest in Varanasi and support us. Some persons from our sector in UP gave telephonic support but not a single letter of support come to me, why? Till now our life is in danger, because High Court gave stay orders on our arrest till 17th March, 2008.See link:


This entire worst situation did not motivate you all for solidarity action.

We did not receive any support from key groups like you in case of emergency on us. But we received support from many other peoples and UN system. Some links follow:






It is very clear to under stand the "politics of solidarity by upper caste Hindus" and its philosophical followers are going on. When I am suggesting you for the formation of real unity for solidarity then you are reminding me the charges of sexual harassment and indirectly threaten through instrument of character assassination. As you are unaware that till now I did not get any written complained of sexual harassment. In our organization already committee is formed under guideline given by Honorable Supreme Court in Vishkha case. That committee did not receive any complain like that. Why you are using secret contrivance of rumor like Chanaykya and Hitler and imposing so called charges on me?

It is clear that people like you want to hide real debate. My prediction is right that all upper caste Hindus is using every secret contrivance for the holding of power in the field of NGOs and people's movement such shrewd, power hungry and opportunist people, after squeezing the Kabir Movement, Socialist movement, Gandhian movement, Communist movement have targeted NGOs sector---both as funders and implementers. . It is well known that in the leadership of Mr.Dhirendra with close collaboration of Mr. V.K Rai under the banner of VIHAN organized meeting in Baragaon and Rajendra Tiwari was chief guest. He was mentioned as famous social worker by VIHAN. (Anne.7, cutting of Dainik Jagaran news on 15 Feb., 2007) Mushar -Nut Adhikar Manch condemned such a move. (Annexure 8). It is clear that a person, Mr. Rajendra Tiwari who is charge sheeted in bonded labour Act. He is implementing caste system with force and his associate was charge sheeted in giving threat of my life for raising voice of democracy in panchayat election and now he is involved in case against us(PVCHR) under 505 B IPC.Therefore it is proved that he has direct relation with VIHAN. On the raising voice on the politics of solidarity by upper caste Hindu, their supporter framed same allegations against us which were framed by RSS supporters in 2003. It is well known that all so called allegations imposed on me were proved as wrong in the independent investigation. At that time in 2003, no resign from Dalits staffs was done but OBCs and upper caste Hindus staffs gave resign, who protested against the putting the photographs of Dr. Ambedkar in our office. And last resignation letter of S.K.Shah (Salv Kumar Shah) broke the all cloud of conspiracy by RSS supporters.

We can see when Bahan Santoshi was sexually abused then a social activist Mr.Kranti Bhusan with other workers were on hunger strike on 21 – 22- 23 January, 2008 and V.K Rai did not support them. But communist party supports them. After that V.K Rai gave statement on Santoshi and after that Rachana disappeared. In this struggle we are with V.K Rai but with my protest based on our thought on politics of solidarity and his linkage with Rajendra Tiwari. But attacking with Hitler and feudal style on friendly contradiction is fascist thought. Why the Email ID the name of Santoshi is in last? Why no campaign did not start when there was Santoshi case? When upper caste Hindu daughter disappeared then every people unite. This is same style of Chanakya that he used Shudra Chandra Gupta and Vishkanya to satisfy his EGO.

I know that upper caste so-called progressive people forget the context and contribution of Dalits. eg. Radha Kumari in her book named "History of Doing" forgets the name of Savitri Bai Phule and her contribution too. I am raising this question that upper caste Hindus is doing politics of solidarity for their own benefit and wants to use the Dalit and marginalized forces for them. It is fox in the skin of sheep. Why they are silent on the hunger strike of Kranti Bhusan and attack on PVCHR?

My struggle against bonded labour and child labour in carpet and silk industries converted into initiatives and projects to various organizations, my brother Stalin was murdered and there were deadly attacks on me.

Before my death I want to say in my will that upper caste Hindus, feudal, neo- feudal, corrupt administration may take my life but not my thought.

Politics of conspiracy will not be stable it will finish some day. We are fighting on this hope. In this email ID, no name and address is written. They want to defame me with fake charges. I am giving petition to DGP and SSP of Varanasi to record FIR under IT Act for further proceeding

Jai Bhim Jai Samta

Dr. Lenin

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From: Campaign for Rachna and Santoshi
To: pvchr@yahoo.com, cslucknow@gmail.com, arundhatidhuru@yahoo.co.uk, amitabhth@hotmail.com, anjanap@gmail.com, aimindiatrust@yahoo.com, AUpreti@oxfam.org.uk, aupreti@oxfam.org.uk, yogeshacadmic@yahoo.co.uk, bku.tikait@gmail.com, cpaindia@gmail.com, casalucknow@sify.com, dag.upemail@gmail.com, drijalsain@rediffmail.com, deepti@crslko.org, debabratp@actionaidindia.org, friendsbanarasi@yahoo.com, geag@nde.vsnl.net.in, dneshsingh@yahoo.com, dmdiwakar@yahoo.co.in, enkay13@rediffmail.com, mbeg@oxfam.org.uk, farrukh_rahman2002@yahoo.co.in, find@sancharnetnet.in, guriaajeet@rediffmail.com, grases1@sify.com, geag_advocacy@rediffmail.com, hiranmaydhar@hotmail.com, harshiitakhan@gmail.com, insaf@vsnl.com
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 03:34:10 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Responce on Lenin letter

We received a forwarded letter of Dr. Lenin. It is shoking. As far as we know, it has not been a tradition and not acceptable in any society including followers of Budhism to remind about the past in a crucial time, and thus negating the seriousness of the present. It is a genral belief that great problems and sorrowness unite sufferers.

May be VK Rai has not supported to Lenin, but it is not a proper time to mention. It is nothing but hurdling and harming effort in a cleverly carved frame.

The price of initiation on the issue of injustice met to Santoshi and not turning down despite of threatening, was primarily paid by Rachna Rai, not by her father VK Rai or his family & frinds. She became innocent target, only because leading role of her father in the protest for justice to Santoshi. After 19 days, there is no clue of Rachna Rai. At this challenging situation full of sadness, Lenin the great is unclothing the past when he was in trouble and VK Rai had not came forward, and posing and praising his greatness by saying that even then he did so and so regarding Rachna Rai episode.

Often children argue that they ill treated someone because sometime had been ill treated by the same. What is your age Dr. Lenin (ex Raghvanshi and now a boudh)?

Lenin blamed being discriminated, because he has a philosphical understanding towerds Ambedker Saheb and converted himself to Budhism. What he is indicating? Instead of holding firmly a play card of demands, he played a card like many Politians plays to devide people just for their own interests in the name of cast and belief.

Here are simply two questions.
· If Lenin having helthy relations with carpet industry?
· If he has been assigned a short time tender to creat confusion and weaken the emerging unity for joint action on this specific and immideate issue.

Everybody has right to express but here is also a limit. Crossing the limit is to violate the rights of others. Lenin knows better that inactivity only slowes justice but destructivity always leads and promotes injustice.

What a fun that so called champion is defeating the soul and essence of human rights. Lenin must remember that he has thoughen out many Dalit employee of his own organization and has been charged for sexual harresment also.

We are concerned with the issues to be solved and not interested at all to indulge ourselves in debating, questioning and counter questing. Question of people's vigilance on the Cammander of people's vigilance is secondary. And there is a long list of self proclaimed fighters.We cannot waste our time and enegy to gain zero. There are plenty of real and alarming questions to be addressed.

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