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From ground of Varanasi:an emerging feminist voice

The women center named after Savitri Bai Phule[i]. She was the first female teacher of the first women's school in India and in 1852 she opened a school for untouchable girls.
The Savitri Bai Phule Woman Centre was built to provide shelter and psycho –legal support to the women of police torture, domestic violence and other kind of harassment and violence based on gender and caste.
The centre was formally inaugurated by Ms. Helma Ritscher, Chairperson, Indo – German Society of Remscheid and Dr. Mahendra Pratap, famous historian and President of PVCHR on 28 February, 2012 in Baghwanala, Varanasi.
The initiative started after the donation of land by Ms. Urmila Singh (mother of Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi) and with the financial support from German Ministry NRW via GIZ GmbH, Indo – German Society of Remscheid, Germany and Jan Mitra Nyas.
The center consists of four rooms –one room for shelter, one room for warden cum care taker and one office room as place for testimonial therapy, one store room, lobby and two latrines and bathrooms, one kitchen and one porch. Jan Mitra Nyas supported for the boring to get fresh water on the land of building. It will also provide water to the poor people living nearby the center during the summer reason (when there is scarcity of water).
After the inauguration ceremony a small program held in Raja Suhail Dev Jan Mitra Kendra where children played the skit on "Sab Padhe aur Sab Badhe" (Education to all and development of all). Ms. Nikhat Khan was honoured with Jan Mitra Award (Peoples' Friendly Award) for providing the education to her girls with her hard work. Same day PVCHR new brochure prepared by two German travellers Mr. Elias – Kilian –Schmidt and Sarah Busching was inaugurated. Scholarship scheme under "Helma Ritscher education – Scholarship" was launched as a permanent and continuous initiative for education as opportunity to marginalized children and youths. 22 girls were selected for the year 2012 – 13 with the support of Rajdulari Foundation of Sweden and Ms.Parul Sharma. Around 250 people participated in the program including Ken Opprann[ii], a photographer from Norway.
The shelter rooms will be used for the women who need to stay for the legal proceeding (medico –legal, writ petition). Prevail and emanate from the traditional culture or male supremacy most of the women suffer directly or indirectly by existing patriarchal structure of the society. The police attitudes that domestic violence is primarily of private nature is trivializing of grave social evil that too much psychological traumatize and they need the short home to stay.  
PVCHR together with the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT) will provide psychological support through testimonial therapy and will provide help to the survivors through emergency assistance. As the therapy required lonely and secure place.

There is Government protection house in the city only after the order by magistrate in legal cases, not for all women faced violence and threat. The Government protection house is overcrowded, facing corruption, discrimination and most of the women are not willing to live there. 

But our centre is an unique in surrounding five districts as here women have place for short – stay up to one year according to their wish and settlement of cases. Women have portability of psychological support by testimonial support, legal and social support with security. 

News about inguration of savitri Bai Phule women center

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