Saturday, August 11, 2012

Attack on Human Rights defender Shirin Shabana Khan

Look mind set of People. Read carefully. It is a attack on Shirin Shabana khan due to her religious identity:
Shirin Shabana Khan
"The Hindutva forces - Raghuvanshi explains - have already lo
st the support of Dalits, and are trying to exploit Sangma to get the tribal votes. In Kandhamal, the ultranationalists have fomented tensions existing between the tribal and Dalit Christians to create conflicts within the communities, and take power. But the Sangh Parivar is responsible for the anti-Christian pogrom in Kandhamal. Every single house burned down or destroyed, every church violated, bears the mark of saffron flags [orange color symbolizing the Hindu nationalists, ed]. "

According Raghuvanshi, with his statements Sangma "is trying to clean up the image of the Hindu nationalists, hoping to attract tribal sympathy and votes. If [Sangma] is truly able to support totally unfounded things, let him go in person to the victims: those who have seen their houses destroyed and who have suffered violence and still bear the trauma. Let him go and tell them that the Hindu fascist forces are not responsible. "

Saubhagya Panigrahi shirin what u want to say about murder of swamy laxmanananda?
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Saubhagya Panigrahi a bloddy christian mp of congress was involved in that mattaer. is it wrong?
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Saubhagya Panigrahi shirin r u secular or pseudosecular?
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Saubhagya Panigrahi what u want to say about rajani case?
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Saubhagya Panigrahi is nun case was true?
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Saubhagya Panigrahi what u want to say about baripada nun gangrape, which proved finally baseless?
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Saubhagya Panigrahi dont blame hindus
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Chinmaya Kumar Panda Ms shirin do u knw hw many churches destroyd in ur land porkistan..? In kandhamal xristian are nt dalit, u r a woman so dat i dnt say abuse words either....
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Lenin Raghuvanshi @ Chinamaya,Shirin Shabana is Indian citizen.Please see blockade of your mindset.Abusing is a way of upper caste Hindus.As a Upper caste Hindus from Family of Rama,I know that killing of Shambhuk.@ Saubhagya, It is my statement.During kerfew,I went Kandhamal.Killing of Swami Laxamananda is a criminal act by organized gang.I opposed that. But we are against attack on christian dalit.We know that Guru Golwarkar wrote in his autobiography that He is against constitution and flag of India.He wrote that Hitler is his philosopher.We against this.We love India and our constitution. We are against Hindu fascism in India, Islamic fascism in Pakistan and Christian Fascism in US and Europe.

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