Friday, August 17, 2012

NHRC asks state govt to pay compensation to deaf & dumb boy

Therefore, the Commission asked the government of Uttar Pradesh through its chief secretary to pay Rs 3 lakh as compensation to the victim. The compensation money should be deposited in a nationalised bank as fixed deposit in the child's ac
count under guardianship of a responsible government official. The principal and accrued interest will be given to the victim when he becomes a major.
The Commission also received letter (dated 30.05.2012) sent by secretary, home (human rights), Section - I, Government of Uttar Pradesh, stating that the then Mirzamurad SHO Dhramveer Singh and constable Anjani Kumar Paswan have been found guilty for assaulting the child and not taking legal action. A penalty of censure has been imposed upon both of them for their lapses. The letter further states that the family of the deaf and dumb child could not be traced.

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