Saturday, September 08, 2012

Story of PVCHR advocacy published in Economist

Story of PVCHR advocacy published in Economist:

Yet traditions die hard in UP, malign ones especially. At the very time Akhilesh was speaking, a five-year-old girl, Soni, was breathing her last in Raitara, a dirt-poor hamlet 320 kilometres
(200 miles) to the south-east. She belonged to the Musahar, or rat-catcher, caste. The village school does not teach Musahar children, who work in brick factories most of the year. Musahar adults cannot get the temporary work that the government supposedly guarantees to all, and supplies of state-subsidized food are patchy. Soni died of malnutrition.

A lot rests on Akhilesh’s shoulders. With 200m people, UP is the world’s largest local-government unit. It is bigger than Brazil and contains more than 20% of India’s poorest people. Anyone who can dent poverty there would make a difference to global poverty statistics.

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