Saturday, December 08, 2012

Realization of Human Rights Education at level of Government School

Office-District Education Officer (B.S.A)

   Serial No./Sarav Siksha (Training)/11251-53/2012-13       Date: 3-December 2012


Dr. Lenin

Executive Director/Secretary General

Peoples Vigilance Committee on Human Rights/

Jan Mitra Nyas,

S A4/2 A,Daulatpur Varanasi.


Sub: Launch the Human Rights Education Program in identify 28-Govt. schools at

         block and District level.


                      We would like to inform you in the reference of your letter on 23/11/2012. You had presented the full details and information about your program for start HRE in 28 identifies schools. In this proposal you want to run the HRE as 3-years channel wise program. You want to starting HRE program during this year 2012-13 from class 6, through the your takes book (HRE module) “Human Rights Education-A Introduction, Besides this you are also mention in your letter for teachers training program, smooth run the HRE period two days within the week for giving special education and information to students about child rights and human rights. You had also proposed in you letter for establishment of “Baal Panchayat” and human rights/child rights club for development of leadership and self dependency among students.


In this all context you are permitted start and coordinate the Human Rights Education in identify 28-govt. schools with this boundation due to this program and HRE initiative, will not create any hurdle and negative effect on school syllabus and students study.

                                                                                        (Paramhansh Singh Yadav)

                                                                                    District Basic Education Officer




1.     Forward the letter City Education Officer/All Block Education Officer

2.     Forward the letter to all 28-govt. school principals, under the

     directions of BSA for cooperate and support the organization

     and their program coordinator in this program.
Govement Order of BSA for HRE Program

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