Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year Greeting

2012: a mix year. A year for many investigations, few attacks on dignity, facing new type of discrimination based on my name Lenin given by my father (a type of intolerance), a lot recognition by People, survivors and others, new insight of international politics for impunity to big players, peoples ‘uprising, emergence of Neo Dalit movement, a new paradigm shift of international solidarity in our work, facing hypocrisy of Indian Government and so-called civil society movement.

2013: a paradigm shift in my own understanding and strong Neo Dalit movement. Call to people of world to create new civil society politics to push different stakeholders and influence the different factors and actors to eliminate impunity, do not repeat mistake: build new world peoples’ order for pluralistic democracy based on justice, non-violence, rule of law, human dignity, human rights, peoples’Sovereignty, secularism and pro-environment and ecological development to fight poverty and discrimination.

Lenin Raghuvanshi

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