Sunday, September 15, 2013

Human Rights street movement at Vidhan sabha of Lucknow

Join and raise your voice in the Satyagrah ( against drug Mafia, Sex mafia, police atrocity and apathy of cases against Human Rights defenders in various part of Uttar Pradesh. This satyagrah started on 15th August, 2013 and continues for four days in front of street of PVCHR office and on 19th August, 2013 at District Head Quarter, Varanasi. 
 •23rd August, 2013 Baghwanala, Hukulganj, Varanasi • 24th August, 2013 Robertsganj, Sonbhadra • 25th August, 2013 Nehru Yuwa Kendra, Harhuwa • 26th August, 2013 Parmandapur Arajiline, Varanasi • 27th August, 2013 Saraimohana, Chairaigaon, Varanas • 28th August, 2013 Badagaon, Varanasi • 29th August, 2013 Pindra, Varanasi • 30th August, 2013 Rampur, Jaunpur • 31st August, 2013 Bazardiha • 1st September, 2013 Aligarh • 2nd September, 2013 Moradabad • 3rd September, 2013 Meerut • 18th September, 2013 culmination of Satyagrah in Lucknow at Vidhan Sabha Bhawan 

If you want to support and unable to attend please light a candle in your area, office and home for rule of law in India and protection of Human Rights defenders and write letter to Government of UP ( for rule of law in India and protection of Human Rights defenders. 
 With regards,
Lenin Raghuvanshi
Secretary General

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