Sunday, May 29, 2016

New structure of PVCHR:an intiative of Jan Mitra Nyas

Jan Mitra Nyas is hereby informing you the following which is based on meeting of the representative assembly on 28th May, 2016 and Joint meeting of Governing Board and Board of trustee: 

1.      There is no major change in the Board of Trustees of Jan Mitra Nyas. In place of Mr. Gyanendra Pati, Dr. Mahendra Pratap appointed as a new Trustee. The Board of trustees are as follows:
a)     Sant. Vivek Das: Chairperson
b)     Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi: Managing Trustee
c)      Mr. Lal Bahadur Ram: Trustee
d)     Gopal Das: Trustee
e)     Dr. Mahendra Pratap

2.    The post of the Executive Director will now be addressed as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Lenin appointed as a CEO and he is ex- offico member of Board of trust, Governing Board and officer of Secretary General and Head of the management Committee as Chief Functionary.

3.     The 17 members of the Representative Assembly of JMN/PVCHR elected its Governing Board on 28th May, 2016. The tenure of the members of the Governing Board will be of 3- 5 Years and they will hold its meeting at least once in a year. The new structure of the Governing Board as follows:
1.      Dr. Mahendra Pratap: President
2.      Prof: Shahina Rizvi: Vice President
3.      Mr. Raghib Ali: Vice President
4.      Dr. Mohd. Arif: Member – Secretary
5.      Mr. Vallabhacharya Pandey: Member – Secretary
6.      Mr. Ghanshyam Patel: Member
7.      Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad: Member
8.      Mr. Rajendra : Member
9.      Mr. Idrish Ahmad: Member
10.  Mr. Lallan Jaiswar: member
11.  Ms. Sandhya Jha: Member

4. The Governing Board passed the new Management committee and the office of the secretary General in the joint meeting of Governing Board and Board of trustee on 29th May, 2016:

Management committee
1)     Lenin Raghuvanshi: CEO
2)     Shirin Shabana Khan: Program Director, Research and Advocacy
3)     Anup Kumar Srivastava:  Director Administration and organization
4)     Rajeev Kumar Singh: Director- Education and Human Resource Management
5)     Umesh Singh: Finance Manager
6)     Anand Prakash: Manager
7)     Pratima Pandey: Manager
8)     Kranti Kumar Singh: Manager IT
Office of Secretary General
1)     Jai Kumar Mishra: Secretary General
2)     Dr. Mohan Lal Panda: Secretary cum advisor
3)     Ajay Singh: Secretary (finance)
4)     Siddique Hasan:  Secretary  

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