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Fact finding report on police firing on Muslim in Varanasi of India

On 11th march, 2009 the Uttar Pradesh police had fired indiscriminately on mob which results in death of two young people and injury of eight people. Mohammad Moin Akhtar aged about 22 years son of Mr Mukhtar Ahamad resident of Galla Bazardiha under Bhelupura police station, and Khalikujjama aged about 19 years son of Mohammad Salim resident of Rajanagar Murgipatola under Bazardiha police station had been died in consequence of police firing. The police started firing without giving warning nor had it used tear gas to disrupt the mob. PVCHR had reported the case to India Today magazine, which can be seen on§ionid=4&issueid=96&Itemid=1

Background of the case:
The police started firing when the Muslim community people went to submit their complaint that some communal Hindu group were creating nuisance by throwing color over religious place Mosque near Gausia Madarasa of Muslim community. It is noted that there is no Hindu families are living.Shamsher Singh In-charge of Bazardiha police out-post had overlooked their complaint. At the same time both the community started to throw stone over each other. At the occasion police came and took favour of communal Hindu group and started firing over the mob. In consequence of this firing two young people had lost their life while eight people had been injured. The injured have been admitted in a Luxmi Medical and Surgical Centre, a private hospital in Varanasi. However some political person and intellectual class convinced the people of both the community so no communal rioting could take place.
However a Shanti Samiti (Peace Committee) had been set up by the District administration comprising administration, police and hindu and muslim leader. Two day before the holi and barawafat when the meeting of the committee took place it was suspected that some communal people were trying to disturb the communal harmony at holi, but it was overlooked which resulted in this unfortunate event.
Actually the administration and the police system remained failing in dealing with this type of situation. From the last three year the efforts were being made to decolorize the holi festival by disturbing communal harmony and it is expected that this year those people would try to do the same, but no necessary precaution has been taken. From the last three years these people were organizing Matkafod (people are making pyramid and the top person breaks the clay pot which drench the entire people) near muslim populated area where more than ninety percent population are muslim. This ceremony was held in leadership of Babu Lal and Vijay Vishawakarma. It expresses their intention to disturb communal harmony, which is started from last 3-4 years.
400-500 unknown people had been accused for different sections of IPC, but Babu Lal and Vijay Vishawakarma have not been accused who are the real culprit. The administration is favoring itself by saying that when the police men had no option instead of firing then they opened fire at mob.
However the fact is that the people, who were dead or injured, were not the part of mob. The deceased Khalikujjama, had gone to play the cricket and became the prey of police bullet. His parent is in full sock and trauma.They are not talking with any one. Mohammad Asalam was returning from in-laws house, the police caught him beat and in last they open fire on his head. When the PVCHR team visited the place of occurrence the inhabitants of the place were showing them fired bullets, as one resident Mr. Shakil Ahamad was showing that bullet was entangled in his window. All of these exhibit how the police have acted indiscriminately.
Apart form that the police had forced the family member of Mohammad Moin Akhtar to buried his dead corpse at 3:00 am of 12th march, 2009 while the family members were requesting to bury it in day time as their culture prohibits to bury dead corpse in night.

Name of Victim:
1. Mohammad Moin Akhtar (died) aged 22 years son of Mr Mukhtar Ahamad resident of Galla Bazardiha under Bhelupura police station,
2. Khalikujjama (died) aged 19 years son of Mohammad Salim resident of Rajanagar Murgipatola under Bazardiha police station

3. Abdul Rahman (Injured) aged 17 years son of Abdul Badd
4. Akbar Ali (Injured) aged 25 years son of Asagar Ali
5. Mohammad Asalam (injured) aged 25 years son of Shobarati
6. Gulzar Ahamad (Injured) aged 20 years son of Nasim Akhatar
7. Abdul Salaam(Injured) aged 20 years son of Dildar Ahamad.
8. Dildar (Injured) son of Sageer
9. Ansar Ahamad(Injured) son of Sharfuddin
10. Vaseem Ahamad (Injured) aged 24 years son of Riyaz Ahamad

Name of Perpetrators:
1. Shamsher Singh In-charge of Bazardiha police out-post
2. R.B. Singh Station House Officer of Bhelupur police station
3. Babu Lal local leader
4. Vijay Vishawakarma, local Corporator
5. Other police men who involved in firing.
Linkage of urgent appeal in hunger alert about Bajardiha issued by AHRC on 4th May, 2007 which is as follows:

On 14th march, 2009 it has been published in newspaper that Mukhtar Ahamad, the father of deceased Mohammad Moin Akhtar, lodged FIR against Shamsher Singh In-charge of Bazardiha police out-post, R.B. Singh Station House Officer of Bhelupur police station, Babu Lal local leader, Vijay Vishawakarma, local Corporator, Sanjay Nath Tiwari Station House Officer of Sigra police station, Rajkumar and Mata Prasad under section 302, 307, 147,148, 149, 504, 506, 337, 295, of Indian Penal Code. The new Station House Officer of Bhelupur police station G S Sarana assured that the communal rioter would be arrested soon. PVCHR has highlighted the matter and amplified the voice of survivors.

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