Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peoples' Election Manifesto to all political parties by PVCHR

All citizens of India have the right to equality before law, and equal access to educational and economic opportunities.

They have the right to freedom from discrimination based on gender, color, caste, creed, or geographical origin.

To those who fall prey to recruitment by the merchants of violence, extremism and terrorism, the nation should offer more wholesome ideas and tools so that they can effectively deal with their life problems.

And dialoging should be initiated with those whose ideas, beliefs and practices are not to our liking, instead of ostracizing and demonizing them.

To start with our elected representatives must -

Root out corruption – Corruption diverts valuable resources away from what and whom they are meant for.

Ensure the rule of law – Difficulty faced by the poor and the minorities in accessing competent police and court services and educational and vocational opportunities alienates them from the society.

Provide for basic human rights – Without availability of adequate food, clean water, safe environment, shelter, and primary health services citizens face unnecessary hardships.

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